Ascian - Choose us or them?

in #religion3 years ago (edited)

Do you remember the days
when we found several ways
to show our faith to God
which ment to us a lot!

Gone are the days of grace
all forces aim to displace
truth and faith for all time
now what? Drink all the cups of wine?

The cups we fill
we don't question that
with all the egos that bill
to build a soul's flesh with fat.

Ego has no limit
see God is rigid
when it comes to pride
there is no place to hide!

We aim for peace and love
war is what we get
black is the white dove
is the sulfur wet?

Avoid the shadow, Ascians raise
and step into the light
choose us or them? Amazing blaze
comes along the mark so bright,
666 a number on your side,
opens you the doors so wide.

Dare to take it on your left hand
and take a white Ascian's brand?
Or aim for the ultimate God
that takes the ultimate rod?

A rod of iron to rule them all
and put everyone else to a wall.
Where is freedom then?
How long will it take this kingdom to fall?

A thousand years, that's planned for sure
will it take to pledge and cure
the misery of cups and a wand
that did not understand the will of a blond
blue eyed secret young child
that was strong and wild
became white Ascian and died.

Dream it or not
death doesn't mean a lot
if you are Ascian that's for sure
the eagle is here to cure
what happened in the past
and fulfill white Ascian's will at last.

A thousand years will pass in a blink of an eye
and we will see the biggest lie
that comes along the faith
who believe not in Ascian's case
a case of luciferian truth
and wisdom aged for ruth.

The mark of the beast
a question from an Ascian's view
a hoax to separate at least
99% of society that has no clue.

The truth will set you free
choose freedom and let it be
the end of God's book for thee
not the tree of life Ascians hate to see.

Bernhard Mähr

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