In reality, how difficult is it to be an atheist in Pakistan?

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 Pakistan was formed as the country of Muslims after getting independence in 1947. Muhammad Ali Jinnah, the Founder of Pakistan, was once the member of Indian National Congress and fought against the British rule. His family was once Hindu, but they were ostracized by Hindus that led them to adopt Islam. Jinnah was not a very religious person, but he was a very ambitious politician. He tried to adopt some ideals of secularism in Pakistan but as the country was based on the theory of supremacy of Islam, this secular outlook proved to be a mask to cover the true face of ‘Islamic republic of Pakistan’.

Pakistan’s constitutions guarantees rights of non-Muslims but everything ends with the blasphemy law of Pakistan. During his reign, Pakistan’s military dictator Zia-Ul Haq imposed this draconian law in Pakistan. It changed a lot of things there. This law prohibits blasphemy and accused can be given a life sentence to death penalty. But in reality this law is used for the persecution of minorities and atheists. Many accused are killed by the angry mob before their trials in the court. A cunning Muslim can settle his score against a non-Muslim easily by accusing him/her of insulting Islam. Even the governor of Punjab state of Pakistan was killed by his own bodyguard some years ago when he proposed to amend the law slightly.

It is very difficult for the atheist to survive in Pakistan in such a harsh situation. Islam is the cruelest religion in dealing with atheism. Despite of such suffocating and difficult environment atheism has some supporters in Pakistan. Young generation is fed up with religious dogmas, superstitions and fundamentalists. They want to be happy. Many Pakistani bloggers express their view on atheism and agnosticism. These progressive youngsters have to hide their identity. Pakistan has formed a law in which anything that may deem a blasphemous content can be subject to prosecution under the blasphemy law. Many bloggers are facing charges of insulting Islam and its prophet Muhammad. So, the government of Pakistan is persecuting this minority group which is not more than 0.5% of the total population of Pakistan.  It is not an easy thing to be an atheist in Pakistan. Death is the salvation because their life can be made a hell on this earth itself. Bangladesh has different situation but gradually this country is running towards Islamic fundamentalism. Many bloggers were killed there too for expressing rational thoughts.  Present government of Bangladesh is helplessly watching this. Really, religion is most toxic then heroine.  

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Dhanyavaad Sharma Ji.

Well what you tried to express about the present situation in Pakistan it is fine. But saying "Islam is the cruelest religion in dealing with atheism" i don't particulartly ascribe to this thought. Not because I'm trying to be idealistic or favouring Islam or any particular religion for that matter.

But if you look at it closely enough you will see this is the problem with every religion that is here on this planet in some way or the other. Yes in some it is been expressed in a more dominant ways than the others as you expressed rightly in your blog so it gets more highlighted but it is there in every religion.

Now why it is so!! I'll write a separate blog on it on my page in a couple of days. Please go through it you may find some answers in your pursuit of freedom.


Islam is the cruelest religion in dealing with atheism

Why I said so? In present world only Islamic countries has such types of laws which empower governments to persecute non-Muslims as well as Muslims who don't follow the Islamic fundamentalism blindly.


The original answerer is absolutely correct. I know a number of young people who have disappeared under Pakistans draconian 'blasphemy' laws simply for expressing the fact they are atheists.

Islam is without doubt a cruel, merciless and disgusting religion. It has absolutely no redeeming features.

However, you are right when you say that other religions are almost as bad.