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In this article, we will discuss types of coin Relictum pro is created, Token distribution, Governance, etc. There are so many articles that are exiting in my profile which is describing more about Relictum pro so make sure to check my profile to read these articles.

Relictum pro's main motto to provide 0% transaction fees for digital assets or fiat with network speed 1000000 transaction per second and to make this happen Relictum pro created three types of cryptocurrency i.e Genesis token(GNT), Stable token, Relict stable coins (RLC)

Genesis token(GNT):

There are 10000000000 tokens are created for ICO or IEO so these tokens are like the intellectual property rights (IPR) of the Relictum pro and these coins will use only for fundraising so the fund can be used for further development of the Relictum pro, blockchain network, and development.

And all the people who will invest in the Relictum pro will get royalties rewards from the forging size of Relict coins(RLC) which is around 19%.

Distribution of Genesis token(GNT):
One GNT token cost is 0.0045$ and there are 10000000000 tokens are created and from these token 50% tokens for sell in ICO or IEO, 38% token for team members, 9% tokens for marketing, 3% token is reserved for advisers.


Stable tokens:

We all know a stable coin is only valuable when it backed by something like gold, USD, etc otherwise there is no value of the stable tokens. So here in the Relictum pro stable token is get created when someone deposits digital assets (USDT or BTC) in the Relictum pro wallet and if you deposit USDT then the stable token will be created in the name of USDT and for BTC the stable token is BTC and so on. With a deposit of digital assets correspond stable token is get created and when you withdraw that digital asset correspond stable token is destroyed.
When you make transactions of your digital assets within the blockchain then it cost you zero transaction fees and also no fee for the deposit but if you will withdraw your assets from the Relictum pro blockchain then 2% fee will be charged which will be sent to the special Relictum pro fund.

Relict stable coins (RLC):

This is the main coin of the Relictum pro network and the coin issue with the process of forging and forging is the process in which all active node of Relictum pro combine to make a new block or entries in the blockchain and the process ends with the creation of new RLC coin and the principal Relictum pro follow for forging of RLC coin is called relic radiation.

There are two types of forging model in the Relictum pro blockchain to create RLC stable coin 1. Commissioning forging and 2. Direct forging.

Commissioning forging:

This kind of forging is depended on the creation of the stable token and we know that the withdraw fee of 2% charged at the time of stable token destruction or withdraw of digital assets from the Relictum pro network so the RLC stable coin will get created from the commissioned forging by the following formula.


After the RLC stable coin gets generated from the commissioning forging model it gets distributed as follows.


Direct forging:

Direct forging happens when someone purchases stable coin and this direct forging based in the following formula.


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Risk warning!!: All the information above are not financial advice and neither legal nor illegal advice all are my opinion and this article is of your knowledge Before. investment do your own research because nobody will responsible for your profit or loss

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