Product That Can Develop Using Relictum Pro Blockchain 5.0

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A blockchain project value increases when it has some real-life application there are so many blockchain projects are in the market who are only took funding from people by marketing their idea and whitepaper but few projects like Relictum pro come to market and ask people for funding who have a huge use case and already with some products.

Relictum pro already has lunched its test net before ICO end and the important thing you can run their node even from your mobile which means they are creating their product for all kinds of devices.

After test net lunch they proved their claims and they successfully launched the fastest blockchain 5.0 which has a speed of 1000000 transactions per speed, more decentralized and true scalability, and now in this article, we will discuss some practical use of Relictum pro.

Distributed storage on Relictum pro:


When you store your data in a distributed storage then the main advantages you get that hacker can't guess the server or node to hack to collect particular your data and he can't hack all node or server. In case the hacker hacks one node then 90% of your data is safe but if you use a single server or node to store your data then the hacker will get 100% of your data if he successfully hacks the node or server.

But when you save your data in the distributed storage powered by Relictum pro the be relax no one can hack or access your 1%of data without your permission.

The main advantages you get when you use distributed storage powered by Relictum pro are instant access to your data, you can use smart contract to apply copyright over your data that means if someone tries to access your data then he needs to fulfill certain terms and condition, fully decentralized storage, and life long storage of your data in Relictum pro.

Decentralized exchange on Relictum pro:


There many decentralized exchanges in the market but we haven't a proper decentralized exchange, some reputed decentralized like IDEX are no more decentralized because IDEX has now introduced the signup process through the mail and maybe in future ask KYC,

So to create a fast decentralized exchange we need the fastest blockchain and we know Relictum fro is the fastest blockchain in the existence so when we create a decentralized over Relictum pro then we got the access to the feature of the Relictum pro i.e fast exchange, Redundancy, and protection against DDOS, more decentralization hence more control over money, hundreds of coins can be listed, etc.

Secure chat and dApps on Relictum pro:

There are many chat applications or websites who are claim to be secured but in real they can leak your data and if you google then you can found much-reputed chat apps have accused of users data hack or leak.

But when you will you Relictum pro blockchain for developing any dApp then you will get most secure environment and thus the chat dApp you created on the Relictum pro helps you to prevent data leak or hack, Security is guaranteed by SHA-1M, transfer money to your friends without a transaction fee, you can create dApp's Web, desktop and the mobile version in using Relictum pro platform, and you will get the hypernet connection for your dApp.

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Risk warning!!: All the information above are not financial advice and neither legal nor illegal advice all are my opinion and this article is of your knowledge Before. investment do your own research because nobody will responsible for your profit or loss

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