Introduction To Relictum Pro Blockchain 5.0

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Actually, who don't want revolutions because of it the human beings are evolved from ancestral and like that technology also changed from worst to better and best for example from the below you can see the below image where you can see the revolution of the computer that how it takes lots of years to get changed from better to best.

sbdohwp65hzqcutzc7v4kjpkd76jc3sachvcdoaizecfr3dnitcq_3_0.pngWhen the first computer was created, people after using it thought that it is the ultimate thing we can get the and the computing power is ultimate but with time this thinking also changed. Same like this when bitcoin's blockchain was created people thought this is the ultimate and this is the fastest way to money transfer because it is faster than western union and other wire transfer. But then lot's of blockchain come like Ethereum blockchain who just change the mind of people and now they just not found an alternative faster way to money transfer but also found other use cases of blockchain technology.

And now on the matter of blockchain technology, we are just on the young stage and blockchain still unexplored and so many more revolution has to come because of blockchain and present's revolution is "Relictum Pro" this has discovered some serious things with blockchain technology which will push us to step into a new generation of blockchain technology and in this article, I will describe you how Relictum Pro is the present's ultimate blockchain technology.

Some Important Feature Of Relictum Pro:


I would like to tell you the supersonic speed of the blockchain which is 100,000* per second (During the test net) which can reach 1,000,000 per second and within this moment block writing also takes place. Relictum Pro uses the modification of the SHA1-based hashing mechanism which gives crypto stability. Do you know? SHA1 hash algorithm is used for the purpose of security and data integrity applications since 1995.

Until now the speed with which a stable connection happens between two nodes is a minimum of 10second and sometimes it can be more because of a network problem but in Relictum it takes between 0.5-1 sec and you can work on the Relictum pro blockchain even with a low configured device, Currently Relictum pro may depend on the internet to complete a transaction but in the future, all the transactions can be happened by Bluetooth, wifi and satellite network.

The block size of Relictum Pro is just 120 bytes which is 8000 times smaller than the bitcoin blockchain which helps to decrease the processing time and increase the speed of data transfer and speed of searching.

Actually there are many more things to tell about Relictum Pro but it can't be impossible to publish in a single article so stay tunned more articles are coming and to know more about Relictum pro must connect to Relictum pro using following links below.
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Risk warning!!: All the information above are not financial advice and neither legal nor illegal advice all are my opinion and this article is of your knowledge Before. investment do your own research because nobody will responsible for your profit or loss

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