How Relictum Pro Will Help Your Business?

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All the business needs to update itself with time and technology because without this a business can't be sustained and can't able to grow with compare to the competitors. For instance, we live in an era of internet and computer but as a business owner if you still use pen and paper to keep all your data or still use the traditional payment way to pay your due and bills then just think the business which uses the computer to fast forward their work and online payment method to pay their due and bills are definitely ahead of you. Because with one click he can find the important file from his computer while you taking an hour to find old documents and he is making the first payment so his B2B or B2C partner preceding his order quickly while your B2B or B2C partner is still waiting for your payment to process your orders.

From the above example, you may understand how we need to be upgraded with technology and same like that when blockchain technology was introduced then many people are using this technology in various work including the growth of a business but my brother technology always love the revolution and according to this rule blockchain also going through a revolution and we are now in the era of blockchain 0.5 i.e Relictum pro.

How Relictum Pro Can Business?

Every blockchain has a some important feature and components and here Relictum pro also has various feature and components which can be used in your business to give is a boost and bellow we will discuss these features and components of Relictum pro which can help you according to your business.

Secure and transparent blockchain:-Using the blockchain of Relictum pro you can trace your logistic chain or supply chain with very fast and cheap price, you can store all your data in the blockchain for life and you can also use the blockchain to track your money transactions and the Relictum pro blockchain is suitable for business like finance, insurance, logistic, medicine, etc

Relictum node:-This is an important thing for your business so mindfully listen to what I'm saying. You can run a node of rectum pro to run loyalty rewards for your customers so you need to hold some coins as a node for Relictum pro then you will able to get some regular reward and that reward you can distribute among your customers as a loyalty reward in the form of Relictum pro token or after converting the token into fiat. There are two types of node in the Relictum pro blockchain i.e general node and tsar node when a transaction fee generates it divided into three portions where 50% goes to the general nodes, 31% goes to tsar nodes and 19% goes to just GNT token holders so you can wisely choose your node according to your business.

Speed:-This is another feature of Relictum pro blockchain and you won't believe Relictum pro is the fastest blockchain in the existence which can process1,000,000 transactions per second so just think how much fast you can make payment and can find any data from the blockchain.

Smart contract:-We all may now how smart contact work but if you don't know then just let me tell you this is another tool to help your business by adding automation in your work. You can make automatic and trusted payment to your business partner, you can automatically pay salaries to your employee, etc. And just think when a super-fast blockchain combines with a powerful smart-contract then how much powerful tool this will be for your business.

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Risk warning!!: All the information above are not financial advice and neither legal nor illegal advice all are my opinion and this article is of your knowledge Before. investment do your own research because nobody will responsible for your profit or loss

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