How Relictum Pro Solve 51% Attack Problem?

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A Blockchain and crypto created to be decentralized and this decentralization is kept by the blockchain when the nodes or miners are distributed or comes under various person and organization that means the hashing power is coming to mine a coin is from a various place and person, not from a single entity. So transaction gets validate when multiple nodes verify that transaction which means it also helps to stop double-spent of crypto and this is why nodes to be separate.

So a question may come to your mind that what happens if the hashing power will come from one place?

First of all, if all the hashing power will come from one place then the system will no more be decentralized because now that single node will control all the mining control hence transaction control he can change the blocks or can rearrange blocks according to him and this will cause a devaluation of that coin and this phenomenon is a single word called as 51% attack.

If you see the Bitcoin blockchain then you can find there are 16 mining pools who are controlling all the hashing power of the bitcoin blockchain and somewhere I feel bitcoin going toward centralization because these pools number is very less and they can unity to change anything in the bitcoin blockchain and can control your transactions. There are lots of coins like Bitcoin gold, verge, Feathercoin, etc are faced 51% attack but at the right time these coins are taken the right decision to that attack but most of the coins which name are not mentioned are closed their project after facing 51% attack and because of this not only the team but also the investors lose their money so now you may get why 51% attack is dangerous for a coin?

How Relictum Pro Solve 51% Attact Problem?

In general the node position or rank of a network remain the same I mean if it is a general node then it remains general node for whole life which makes easy for an entity to do 51% attack but Relictum pro uses the unique architecture of proof of Tsar

What is Proof of Tsar?

As like other blockchains here in Relictum pro, there are many nodes and there is a network regeneration happens in every 0.5sec which means reconnection of all node get to happen in every 0.5sec so under this phenomenon two nodes get selected automatically one become "tsar node" another become "general node" and here all the transaction get transfer to the tsar node for processing and after processing tsar node send blocks to the general node and now "general node" distribute this blocks to other nodes.

Here these tsar node and general node get selected automatically which is constantly changing every time and any node can be tsar and general and after a network generation new tsar and general node get selected and a tsar or General node cannot be a tsar or General node two times in succession and this phenomenon helps to reduce the dominance of a node owner and because of this, no 51% can't happen. I hope you like my article and for more information about the Relictum pro, you may follow these links.

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