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There are many kinds of blockchain and according to there features some are coming under the first generation of the blockchain, some come under the second, third and fourth generation of blockchain but in this topic, we will discuss distinctive feature Of the Relictum Pro which is coming under the 5th generation of the blockchain so keep reading this article I will explain in deep about all the features of the Relictum pro because of which it is considered as blockchain 5.0.

Feature no-1:Speed:-

The Relictum pro blockchain has huge speed which is >1000000 transactions per 0.5-1second and when you compare this speed with another blockchain like Seele.pro which is coming under blockchain 4.0 then the speed of Seele.pro blockchain is from 1000 to 900000 transaction per 3second and you know what Relictum pro has no competitors at the point of speed you can look at the below comparison table to know more.

SPEED compare.png

With this feature of speed, the Relictum pro can be used in your daily life for making payment in the shop, mall, cafe, and online and you don't need to wait for and until your friend checks his pocket or wallet you can do your payment and can leave the place.

Feature no-2: Proof of Tsar (PoT) consensus:-


Because of Proof of Tsar (PoT) in Relictum pro blockchain, it can prevent of block collisions which can occur in every 100 years, This can help to eliminate the dominance of a node owner so it gives 51% attack protection, and most important in its resistance to the quantum computer because some expert is saying after quantum computer-created it can unlock any crypto wallet. So to know more about proof of Tsar you can read my previous article

Feature no-3: Smart contract:-


You may know what is a smart contract? if you don't know then let me tell you that smart contract is the computer protocol that can digitally verify and enforce a contract and complete deals without the presence of a human. The smart contract uses to make automation in an event and the Relictum pro blockchain has taken the smart contract to its next level so now a smart contract can itself monitor whether some particular terms of the contract were fully implemented or not and because of the strong security of Relictum pro no one can change the source code of the smart contract, In Relictum pro blockchain you can work with different kinds of smart contract and can generate new smart contracts with new properties and you can create a smart contract within 10 smart contracts at the same time.


These three features which are described in this article about the Relictum pro is truly uniques which are making Relictum pro as the blockchain 5.0 and with this speed Relictum pro will challenge all the exiting blockchain and with the proof of Tsar consensus we miner are going to get a good experience in mining because there will be no hash war and no one can dominate in the mining or voting and finally the smart contract is revolutionized no blockchain was ever thought of smart contract they all are doing same just focus only on their blockchain.

○ Website: https://relictum.pro/
○ Medium: https://medium.com/@relictumpro
○ Whitepaper: https://relictum.pro/cabinet/docs/whitepaper_en.pdf
○ Telegram: https://t.me/Relictum_Pro_Official

Risk warning!!: All the information above are not financial advice and neither legal nor illegal advice all are my opinion and this article is of your knowledge Before. investment do your own research because nobody will responsible for your profit or loss

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