Trying out a new card game - Relentless

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Came across this trading card game and gave it a try. These card games are getting pretty popular with blockchain tech and there seems to be a lot to choose from now.

This one is on the ETH blockchain and is free to play, but as most of these games if you want better cards you have to buy them.

The game play is pretty standard and simple, nothing complicated just a fun TCG.

I like that it is just a 2d game so it does not require much computing power and it is available to play on multiple platforms. I just downloaded the windows client and was able to start playing right away, you do not even need to create an account. You can just start playing and do a tutorial against the computer, nice and easy to try out without any hassle. I will probably try this out on my phone see how it goes, I will give this one an 8 out of 10 overall :)


Wow. Another blockchain card game? Looks cool.



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Wow, it looks really cool, I think that I will check that resource and this game too as I'm keen on such card games, it's always so cool to play.

As for me, my hobby is card and board games as it's always so interesting and captivating to do such things, usually I do it on one website and if you would like to learn more About Anytime Games project then you can do it there. I just love their website as it looks quite simple but it has all the necessary things.

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