Pride: The Virus That Spreads Among All Men

in relationships •  6 months ago

I'll have to admit it. It's about something irritates me a lot everytime I feel it in myself:

90% of the family issues I can register originate from men's inability to admit they were wrong and it doesn't matter what the situation is.


It seems that there's even a scientific explanation of why this happens.
Once of the studies is made by Tyler Okimoto. Read what he is saying below:


Pride is strong and adaptive. It justifies actions or the lack of actions.

The KEY to fight against it in my opinion is the appropriate approach and attitude towards that disaster.


I don't have the universal recipe. I can only share what works for me.

There are a few things I’m trying to apply. I’ve chosen three of them that I like the most, because I think they are the most generally applicable.

1). Express how you feel: after a certain situation, always share how you feel and do not judge the other about the lack of experience/adequate comment or anything else - of course you could apply that only if you have the patience. Love and experience in family life would also help.

2). Patience: Without patience you'll find it difficult to express how you feel. Your brain will be suddenly looking for easy solutions that include escaping from the room/shouting or some type of passive indifferent behavior.

3). Do things together: If you could afford it then sharing the burdens if housework is something simple and effective. It helps her feel your attitude in a more viable way.

There’s a bunch of other things and I should put a disclaimer that this is my own tiny experience.

Once again, I assume the inability to admit mistakes or that I’m simply wrong as a major obstacle I need to overcome to enjoy a healthier relationship.

I would be happy to read your own experience in dealing with pride.

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