Dealing With Hurtful Words

in relationships •  10 months ago

Don't let anyone hurt you! You are worth more! I know it seems impossible because when we care for a man, we value him, therefore you give value to their words. Well you need to learn to STOP giving value to harsh hurtful words that come out of anger and a bad temper! Men and women say mean things when we are angry and most of the time we don't mean it.
Most men use it as a tool to defend themselves and put themselves on top when they feel like they are losing a battle. It's in men's genes to fight, therefore they will try to hurt you on purpose to make themselves feel better. Don't ever let a man get to you. Wipe those tears! I've been there plenty of times myself and I've realized that all they do is fist fight you with words since they can't physical hurt you. If you find yourself being attacked with hateful words, turn around and walk away and give them the silent treatment! Everyone needs time to cool off. Don't keep trying to defend yourself, it's not worth it. Don't try to attack them with their own medicine, it's NOT WORTH IT! It's literally a waste of time. No one solves anything when both of you are heated. The best thing is to cut him in his anger train by stepping out of the situation calm and quickly.
Don't let his words hurt you, because you know you are worth more! His words are WORTHLESS, you are strong, beautiful, smart, and worth so much more! Don't let him DISRESPECT YOU! YOU ARE A QUEEN! DON'T FORGET YOU DESERVE BETTER! As a result you will force himself to re-examine himself and his state by you removing yourself from that unhealthy and unloving situation, and you will stop that negativity to be showered over you. The less you hear of his hurtful words the better you will be in the long run! Put yourself first!

This writing is dedicated to women who are constantly in argument with their suppose.

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