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For the ladies..

*Don’t be in a relationship and be sad, weeping or regretting.

If you’re already being constantly unhappy in a relationship, how will that kind of relationship make you to become a happy person when it becomes marriage?

You must be wise and make sure you are happy while in a relationship with anyone. You’re in a relationship to be happy, not to be sad.

So, if that relationship is not making you happy, quit.

A relationship is meant to be used as a test for how a marriage would look like if you marry a particularly person. And to help you two prepare yourselves for a happy marriage.

So, you must be happy while in it. It must bring you joy as a person. You must feel happiness each time you think of the guy.

If you think of him and feel sad more time than you feel happy, it means that you have accepted a sad means that you are in a wrong relationship.

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