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You’ve finally found it amebo, that singular reason Why Nigerian Men Cheat or Why Nigerian Men are Cheat-a-lots” – I wish I could clearly say this to you though, hehe! There is no one reason fit all in this scenario actually.
“You’ve finally found it amebo, that singular reason why Nigerian Men Cheat are Cheat-a-lots – I wish I could clearly say this to you though, hehe!”
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Stop me if you’ve heard this before, but there are a number of reasons that usually make men cheat. As one of the constant relationship questions am going to dish out 7 reasons into which every other reason can be grouped under.

  1. THEY ARE MEN – You Heard Right
    The tendency for a man to cheat is higher than that of a woman because as men, their bodily property allows them to easily tolerate certain levels of sloppiness, hygiene or decency issues that arise with getting physical and intimate. Whereas their female counterpart has a lot to worry about.

    The society gives the man a privilege when it comes to earning a living. This automatically gives the man more confidence and perceived power. And trust me, these two factors attract women like a magnet. Check this scenario; if a woman was more positioned to earn a living and had more influence, wouldn’t she take on as many men as she likes? This is why most tomboys cheat a lot too in later years.
    We also live in a society where promiscuity is only judged in women but not in men, who are needed in order for it to happen. A society that tries to control women’s sexuality in a bid to curb immorality. Talk of Female Genital Mutilation (FGM) and so many ways our society has given men a superior power – the sexual power.

    The society from above has conditioned it that “sex” is something that is given by a woman to a man. Rather than sex being mutual or expressly enjoyed by both parties, it is made to look lopsided. Hence many women in relationships have a preconceived innuendo to give sex as a reward for something done or wave it as a placard of incentive when something is done. Most men don’t have this ideology. Sex should be shared, not given or received by either side.

    “Men are polygamous by nature” – a saying goes. True to a large extent. Look around you in nature, what do you see? Even the monkeys or butterflies can attest to the saying. Since inception, men have the inclination to have or marry more than one woman. Trust me, it is in order.

    So many traditions, so many cultures, and almost all of them shame women for expressing their sexual desires. As for this relationship question, understand this, both men and women have equal amounts of sexual desires. However men feel the urge differently; in seconds a man can become aroused whereas a woman comes about it in a different way. Pop-culture and some western cultures have been trying to take off that stigma that goes with a woman being sexually expressive or driven like free-the-nipple campaign etc.

  6. MYTHS
    Some cultures are riddled with a lot of myths, and ours is not an exception. The reason? I cannot tell, but one of them is that a woman’s ultimate role is mothering, which her biology of having a clitoris (whose scientific sole purpose is a sexual pleasure) is in stark conflict with that “ultimate role” of mothering. Also, the myth that the same sexual organ is responsible or directly linked to women’s promiscuity – main stay for FGM? If you reduce the tendency for promiscuity in women and leave out the men. You might have created more problems and raised more relationship questions.

    If we talk about them all and not include religion, then something is leeway wrong. Religion has amplified the need to be a “virgin” until you get married, hence affecting a lot of people’ psyche. It is one thing to be exposed to sex at a tender age (which is detrimental to a child’s development), and it is yet another to wait until you are married to have a sexual experience. This has kept most women from gaining that sexual exposure that their male counterpart has, hence affecting their relationships.

Now you can agree with me that the factors are many, stifling and engineered in such a way that the boy-child is more confused about the matter than he determined to cheat.

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