Improve Your Love Life with Warren Farrell

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You can improve your love life by changing the way you talk to your partner. Acclaimed author Warren Farrell joins me to discuss this topic! We go over how the human species evolved a certain reaction to criticism which was useful during more primitive times, but is no longer serving us in modern times as we try to have fulfilling marriages. The focus is primarily on communication with a life partner, but we dip into parenting, education, and communication with friends, co-workers, or anyone!

This interview is a replay of one I originally recorded with Warren back in September of 2013. I felt that between all of the new listeners the show has been getting and the high quality of the show it was worth posting it again. This way those who missed it the first time will get a chance to benefit from Warren's wisdom. Plus, you get to see how far I've come in improving the audio quality in my studio. :)

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