Relationships and the death of.

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Hey Steemers, so this is not light or easy. This is relationship stuff, oooo bad hard subjects that I hoped never to have to think about but find myself at 5:05pm in the afternoon obsessing over. I have a boyfriend, a grand wonderful being who I've loved since I was 16 years old. We've been together for two years and 8 months now, and it all could possibly come crashing down at any time after 9:30 tonight. Thats when he's coming over to "talk".

Like any relationship, theres been fights and issues that needed to be dealt with but were neglected and have been brought up in nasty ways. My question is, how do you deal? Like with breakups, it's never just with the person it's with their family and their friends and their Christmas and that holiday away camping for two weeks after Christmas, it's your wedding date and music concert companion, your really close friend and like a whole album of photos and songs and jewellery.

Also, whens enoughs enough? Where do you draw the line on how much stuff you can take before its too much, its beyond repair? Does it have something to do with pain thresholds or is it just patience or is it the other persons constant inability to let go of something that drives you to the edge? I'm just asking because I'm not at that point yet, I still think I want to salvage the relationship, I'm scared nervous and worried. I guess I'm asking for advice or past experiences?

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All I am going to say is things happen for a reason, people come into your life for a reason. We loose people for a reason, the point is to learn from it, to move on and know that everything will be alright. As far as breaking up with him, it is never as simple as just not ever talking to the person again. But if you do break up treasure the good memories and move forward ready to make new ones.


absolutely true


You make very valid points!! thankyou for your input :)