Does Relationship Counselling Work? 10 Surprising Statistics & Facts

Does Relationship Counselling Work

Relationship Counselling Work 10 Surprising Statistics & Facts

When was the last time that both of you enjoyed a sunset over the hills? When was the last time that you praised the hairstyle of your wife? When was the last time that you appreciated the fragrance of your man? If a marriage has turned topsy-turvy and if you do not have the right time to repair your marriage or even to spend some sweet time with your spouse, then it is high time you go to a marriage counsellor. Whether the therapy works or not remains a major question, as some couples hesitate to open up. You can go through the following 10 surprising facts to find out how relationship counselling can work. In fact, the main ideas behind couples therapy Orange County can be summarized as follows:

  1. Does the entire arrangement of marriage counselling meet your relationship needs and goals? It was shown by a statistical relationship analysis conducted by psychotherapists in 1987 that out of 34 couples, about 56% in number deteriorated in terms of their relationship after a span of two years.

  2. Some marriage counselling results are good whereas some are extremely worse. For instance, there was a study conducted by marriage counsellors and relationship experts, as shown in Vol.78 (2) of the Journal of Consulting and Clinical Psychology, that a study of 134 married couples who were ‘chronically and seriously distressed’ went for relationship counselling. After 26 sittings, at least 48% of them showed great improvement in relationships within a span of 5 years. Hence, you need to decide where your current relationship stands.

  3. You need to check out the counsellor and the work history of the counsellor. It is important that the role of the counsellor should not intervene in an objective analysis of the coupe goals and in utilizing the best moments to be included in your relationship. Statistics has also shown that if a counsellor is too nosey, too optimistic, or too pessimistic, that surely has a detrimental effect on the overall relationship status.

  4. Try to understand the dynamics and the relationship quotient all by yourself before you register yourself for a counselling session. It is only up to the husband and the wife to understand the wavelength of the relationship goals. If there are trivial issues that can be sorted out between yourselves, then you need not worry about going to a counsellor. It is always important that you discuss matters, do not hold grudges and do not go for pent-up feelings. This prioritizes the healing process of any relation.

  5. Try to understand do you want to get rid of your relationship, or do you just want some therapist to induct you in major relationship counselling sessions. If there are ways in which you can go for some therapeutic sessions that can boost the relationship goals, then it is better not to go for a bitter divorce case. On the contrary, if someone is a victim of extreme cases of domestic violence and the relationship suffers because of constant beatings, alcoholism and adultery, then relationship therapies often do not work. Both the parties hold a string grudge and sometimes, any one of the victims also feels suicidal. Hence before you go for relationship counselling, you need to verify the extent to which your relationship goals are achievable. Benefits and shortcomings of taking counselling to save your marriage.

  6. Sometimes, what follows is learning from clients. As the relationship counsellors point out, sometimes, they also find out something inspirational when it comes out to an understanding of their own case studies. Marriage is not about suppressing everything for a long period, but in any case, you should let everything fall into the right place before you book an appointment with the marriage counsellor or the relationship therapist. You should not include bartering or exchange value for all kinds of relationships that you have. You should not be judgmental and you should respect each other’s privacy. At least studies have shown that these simple steps can go a long way in making your relationship work out to the best possible extent.

  7. Emotionally focused therapy or EFT works in the best possible ways. You can go for a fine combination of emotion, sensitivity and focused scientific formula that can work as a great encouraging tonic to boost your relationship. It has been seen that EFT can work better as a focused therapy for all those recognition of emotional barriers that can pose a threat to any relationship. On the other hand, through EFT and emotional cycles, couples who undergo relational therapy, profit a lot, and almost more than 30% of broken relationships can be mended with the help of this EFT. A couple can come to a greater understanding of each other with these therapies, and also, when couples turn to EFT, almost 90% of them report significant improvements in the way they viewed marriage as an institution before. It fosters healthy and productive couple of goals.

  8. Degrees do not matter: It often happens that people do not care about the type of counsellor they are going to. On the other hand, couple relationship goals and therapies often do not work properly, because they are extremely worried about the degrees of the counsellors. Sometimes, it is not about the degrees but about the practical and life experiences that allow a psychotherapist and a relationship counsellor to understand the problems of the couples who come to them. Sometimes couples simply choose the counsellors based in their instincts and often they turn out to be a failure.

  9. It is something that requires shopping around on a greater scale: you cannot settle for the one and only that you get. Often people have the tendency to search for the one and only counsellor that they have in their vicinity. You must remember to research well before you finally settle for one.

  10. Unfortunately, some cases of marriage fitness tests are not certified by counsellors and relationship experts and this inevitably leads to divorce. About 38% couples who have been reported to have undergone marital therapy reported divorce within a period of about three years. By Dr. Parul Patel does marriage counselling work?

It is true that each and every relationship has its own color. With the changing times and modern lifestyle, there might be cases where couples think that the damage cannot be repaired, but in any case, there are always solutions that work in a perfect manner for boosting the couple goals for a steady relationship.


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