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Hello everyone, it's @ zimmie and am here again to talk about some essential behaviour to building a lasting and supportive relationship.
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Building a friendship is not easy as most people think, also keeping the relationship built on love, respect and some other good attributes is not so easy. I have been friends with so many. In fact, I love making and having friends around. But, among these friends, I have my "friends". I call them my A-team (Attitude team). This is because they have;

  • integrity - they live with high moral standards
  • Respect - they treat everyone with love
  • Compassion - there is this zeal in them to help someone. This zeal is filled with love
  • Honesty - they are the doers of their words (sometimes they may neglect it because they are not perfect). Also being truthful to me. True friends don't always tell you what you want to hear, they tell you what you need to hear.
  • They are able to recognise that they have personal responsibility and they try to live up to it.
  • They have belief in their heart, hope and confidence that the future is great and indeed it is.
  • They are able to make use of their knowledge. That is Wisdom. They are creative and inspiring.

I think everyone should have their A-team. It could be just two persons or more. But your A-team should be persons that have been with you through thin and thick and can put up with both your bad's and goods. This is just a primary guide to get your team together.

After your team has been built, you have to make the relationship both a lasting and supportive one. I have thought of some guide you can use which I have tried and I am to some extent doing fine in my relationship. They are;

  • Treat them the way you would love to be treated
  • Do nice things without expecting anything in returns. Get a small gift, compliment them often, if you want the shy type, write a lovely note to them
  • Be loyal. Loyalty involves being there now matter what, even when it unconviences you. Also, guarding the secrets they have entrusted to you.
  • Being trustworthy. This entails commitment to a relationship. When you say you would do a thing, you should try it best possibly to do it. Don't always give excuses. To be trustworthy, you have to earn trust. You have to win trust one small step at a time and then keep earning it.
  • Accept them unconditionally. They will not always share or accept your point of view. Don't force your opinion on them. Try to listen more often when there is an argument. Accept their weaknesses and be ready to correct out of love.
  • Communicate often with them. Try visiting, calling, texting. Don't stay for weeks without calling you team.

There are other little spices that are needed to make your friendship a beautiful one. Adhering to eighty percent of these will guarantee you a safe relationship. Friendship is a good thing; when it is honoured and preserved, it turns into a beautiful thing.

Surround yourself with caring, trustworthy, honesty, positive minded, goal oriented persons. But, there is one thing you should know, "YOU ATTRACT YOUR KIND". If you have those attributes listed above, you will attract those just like you.

It's @ zimmie, thanks for reading

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