Things to Do on Your First Date to Make It a ‘Perfect Date’

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 Does the word ‘date’ can make you nervous and confused at the same time? It’s alright to get pressurized, but we can lessen the pressure to a great extent. Do you want to know how? So continue reading…

 Here we have listed a few first date ideas which will break the awkwardness of meeting a person for the first time and provide a good impression of you to your date.  

Movie Date

Yes, it is quite an unconventional first date idea, but if you want a different first date, you can plan to watch a movie together. As it is the first date, the selection of the movie has to be smart. You have to select a movie which will be comfortable to watch together on the first date.

 After watching a movie, you can keep talking about the movie. It is possible that you have talked much before the first date through the messenger or call, and there is nothing to talk about during the first date. The movie will give something new to talk about afterwards.  

Live Music Concert

It will be a great idea for the first date, but to apply this idea, you both have to be music lovers. Right now, it will not be a great deal to book two tickets for a concert. It will be better if the artist or the band is the common favorite of you two.  

However, you don’t need to worry even though the artist or the band is not the common favorite. You only need to take care of the fact that meeting the person and spending time with the person is the primary concern of your first date.  

Visit A Place to See the Sunset Together

It is considered to be one of the most romantic first date ideas of the present time. If you want a long term relationship with this person, you can definitely apply this. You can choose a spot from where you can enjoy the beautiful sunset and have a romantic conversation with the date.  It will not only help you both to know each other in detail, but the choice of the spot can actually create a good impression on your date and intensify your relationship too.  

A Long Walk along a Busy Street

Another great first date idea is a long walk or a long drive, but we recommend a long walk along a busy street. You can talk about anything and everything during this walk. Your focus should be to enjoy the company of the person to the fullest during the long walk.  

The way you overlook and overhear the crowd and engage in conversation with the person is up to you but, yes, it will be an unconventional first date idea to walk. You can check for some help in the first date questions.  


You can go for the date to any location for boating and spend some time together. You can explore the beauty of the place at the time of boating and obviously communicate with the person to be familiar. Boating is a very romantic first date idea that can work for you. No matter what you do on your first date, you have to open up and express yourself to the person.  

Eating Out and Share Information

It is the most conventional first date idea, which is still considered as a hit one among so many people. Simply go to any restaurant which is specialized in the common favorite cuisine of you two. Alternatively, book a table beforehand. Along with eating, have some casual talk and share some more information during this date. 

 It will be better to talk about something which you haven’t discussed earlier. It will intensify your relationship and give chances for further communication. You can take a hint from the icebreaking questions so that you both feel less awkward during the first date.  

You may be very smart in the dating apps or social media, it is also possible that you have dated a lot, but that does not mean you can plan a date perfectly. These smart ideas will allow you to spend some quality time with your date and know the person more. So, make a wise selection, and no matter what you choose to do, be confident, and be yourself!