The place of your spouse's friends

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If you used to think your spouse is the only person that need to love you for your relationship to work out then you need to think it over again, and again and more times until you realize that you are a boyfriend/girlfriend to all of your spouses friends as well

Humans have always been known to be a species that seek for approvals, wanting to be admired. When it comes to love and relationship, we still bring in the "what will people(my friends) say?". Apparently it's mot so bad to ask yourself such questions especially if you are not strong willed amidst discouragement that may come forth from the "people"or you do not love the person that much to withstand the storm that will flow in if they do not like or approve of the spouse. Why get started with what you can't finish?

Each day we are nudged by the people we spend our time with and you are in soup if your spouse's friends do not like you. they will build a space rocket just to make the relationship end. So you do not only have to be on top of your game to keep the spark still shinning with your spouse but you have to also try to make the friends like you. Good luck in that.gettyimages-521980469.jpg

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