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One lady once got married to a young man who was even a pastor, after their six months of knowing each other, basically because of the kind of good friends she saw around him. After all, birds of same feather flock together.

Little did she know that each friends has their own unique characteristics, and that when the guy is angry he does not even look at his friends' faces not to think of listen to what they are saying.

Well, she got married and had a glamorous wedding. But in another three months she was sent packing. That was the end of that marriage even till this hour.

Don't be carried away by what you are seeing or hope to be seeing. Let no one deceive you and don't deceive yourself.

Sometimes seeing is believing but not reality. The fact that you believe something is true does not mean it is so. And, if it is not so, it cannot be so.

Marriage is more complicated than what you're seeing and thinking as a Single.
There are things you must do and questions you must ask before you enter or decide to spend the rest of your life with somebody you didn't know from Adam. There are things you must find out. There are checks you must make.

Don't let the fact that you are getting older make you to enter into an everlasting bondage. Wedding is just a day event. Marriage is for a lifetime.

Don't be carried away with the good thoughts of how greatly it would feel like to wear a wedding gown. A glamorous wedding could end up in a destructive marriage. Make your research, ask your questions, do your home works. Before you make your decision.

Even if you have decided before now, you can recheck that decision so you will be certain it is the right one, the best one and a one you will not regret tomorrow.

There are tools you must use to do this. There are questions you must ask that will help you. There are ways by which you can see the future even while in the present.

You must look before you leap. And there are ways to look and see nothing even where there are many things.

But, if you look with the right kind of eyes, and the right kind of glasses, you will surely see what you ought to see, including all the hidden agendas, hidden future problems and hidden secrets of the past that was never wanted to be let out.

Just my view though.

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