What will make a relationship last long?

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Pre-marital lover relationship is often referred to as courtship. In the modern era like today, many young people are going out with their lovers. Some people can maintain this relationship until marriage, but some are broken even if only a few days official dating. Many things cause why this courtship relationship can break up.

Here are some ways to make lasting relationships to marriage:

  1. Good communication
    Communication is the key in every relationship. Good communication is needed so that all issues can be discussed properly. Communication does not have to be done directly because now it has a lot of advanced technology that allows us to communicate. If you can not meet a partner, at least call by phone or chat about your news. Do not let the couple misunderstood just because the communication is not smooth with a partner.

  2. Open with partner
    The decision to become lovers should be followed by mutual openness. Do not cover things with your partner so that all problems can be clearly visible. If you cover a thing then the couple will be suspicious and courtship can stretch. Especially if coupled with lies then the relationship will not last long. Therefore, make it a habit to be open to one another in order to understand each other.

  3. Mutual trust
    Mutual trust to be one way to keep the relationship lasting the same boyfriend. Do not be suspicious with couples, especially if there is no real evidence about the news in circulation. You also do not want to always be suspected for no good reason. Therefore, trust your partner because they will also keep our trust. If the belief starts to be misused then you can solve it well.
    The problem did not have to be finished by then
    There is a saying that the problem must be solved on the spot. In fact, this way can worsen the decision taken. When there is a problem, then you have to calm yourself first. Do not let the decision taken in anger will be regretted later. It's good if you and your partner introspection each other first and then discussed again with better conditions.

  4. Pay attention
    Compassion to a boyfriend should always be shown, albeit with a small thing. Give genuine attention to your girlfriend every day, such as asking news, sending food, helping with the task and so on. However, the easiest concern is to respect and respect him as our spouse, whether in front of friends or family. These are lasting courtship tips and intimate until marriage.
    Spend time with your partner
    As a lover couple, surely you need time to be alone. However, busyness sometimes becomes a barrier for lovers to meet. Do not use busyness as an excuse for not meeting your partner. There must be certain times where you can meet and play together, even if it's just at home or close places.

So how to maintain a courtship relationship to get to the wedding.

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