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The Lady: 'I have been dating this guy for more than 4 years now. There is nothing couples are doing in marriage we have not done. We have lived together, ate together, lost count on the number of time we have had sex together. I have done 3 abortions for him. We have business ventures together, we do have our bath together. There is nothing couples are doing that we are not doing sir'.

Me: So what do you both have left that you want to do in marriage if you do your wedding today?

The Lady: ' Sir, just 2 things left.
Me: Tell me those two things.
The Lady: To have children and to fight.
Me: Fight as how?
The Lady: We have never fought before. I do bottle up my anger because I have lost so much in the relationship, if I leave him, I will be at the loosing end. But when we get married , he will know he married a lion. I am battle ready for him.

That conversation up 👆👆👆 there is not a friction. It took place.

What many single guys and ladies don't know is that, there is a whole lot of difference between single relationship and marriage. Some of you don't have anything tangible you are going to do in marriage than to have children. All the privileges, uniqueness, sacredness, sanctity , enjoyments of marriage, you are already exploring and enjoying it now in your dating adventure. Lady, you have turned yourself to 'iyawo ile' in the 'face me face you' apartment of that guy. You are his cook, his mom, his bed mate, sex mate, you have moved your loads to his room one by one. You are all over him, showing desperation.
Dear guy, what exactly are you looking forward to in marriage? You are behaving to that lady as if you are her husband. You are tired of her nakedness already. Nothing is exciting you about her again. 'see finish' is happening between the two of you. If you marry today, what's going to be a new thing to do as couples? Kissing is not new to the two of you. Your nakedness is no more new to each other. Lady, nothing is trilling about your breasts again. You are not yet married, but your breasts has suffer in the hands of this boy. Yet to breastfeed oo, but he has sucked your breasts to the point of making it look like that of a grandma. What is new I asked you? What sex position or style have you not done together?

May be like this lady in that conversation, the only two things left for many singles in relationship today is to have children and fight. Some of you will see wrong thing that guy/lady is doing that you don't like, you will keep quiet and bottle your anger. You won't fight and sought it out now, you are waiting to get into marriage and then start fighting. You have enjoyed all the 'peace ' of marriage in dating, only to get into marriage and start war.
Hear me well dear singles, don't cross some lines. You are not married until you are married!
Reserve romance, sex, physical intimacy, joint account, bathing together, wearing the same clothes, and many other things for marriage. There should be some exciting things you are looking forward to do together as couples. Don't do everything you should do in marriage in your dating/ courtship.
Have self control. Right thing done at a wrong time will make it a wrong thing!

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That's a good post..

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