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When I see some ladies post their pictures front, back and centre while desperately looking for a husband all over the social media, it pisses me off. See, desperation smells, it's a turn off big time! No man runs towards a desperate lady, he picks race! Just as desperate men get ladies angry, desperate women are repulsive to men. Post your picture per minute, per second, if you can't survive without it but it doesn't display you as a serious person!

Real wife materials are not even aware aware they are looking for husbands. These ones are busy pursuing God, their vision, passion, education, career and are busy promoting them while making impact around the world.

When I see ladies post sensible write ups, advertise their businesses, display their intellectual prowess and share their vision with those who can help, I see real wife materials in display. Men run towards assets, not liabilities. If we check your timeline and all we find are different pictures of yourself with little or no sensible post to bless lives, you won't be taken as a serious person.

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Thank God for pictures. Real life changing articles need more than your day to day pictures to make impact. That's my belief anyway. May be because I'm not a picture freak and post pictures when it is absolutely necessary and has a message to pass across with the pictures. If not, I stick to the articles. Those who need more articles, not my pictures will ask for them. That is what makes me fulfilled, making impact, not showing the world how beautiful I am or my latest designer wear or Gucci bag!

Let's get serious ladies! Learn to major in major and minor in minor!

Display your brain and character on the social media more than your body! Post the picture of the business you do. Share your vision, dreams, aspirations and passions so those who need you can see what you do, not just your body. When serious people need you, they will contact you and demand to see your pictures.

When my increasing followers started demanding to see my most recent pictures to see who they are following, I started posting them when they are absolutely necessary.

Our personal philosophy differs. That's what works for me. Do what works for you.

Bottom line, let people see what you do more than how you look. I hope you got the message?

Thanks for reading. God bless you. Cheers!


yo do not need to copy online and post here... it is wrong.

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