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When you date for the immediate you miss the Ultimate.

When you date blindly; you will end up waiting in vain...

Date someone because you have seen a future, not because you want to see if it would work out.

Signs to watch to avoid waiting in Vain.

You see this phase "I'm Busy" is the relationship weapon of mass destruction...

It may look as a perfect excuse, but no one gets busy for what he/she love.

People claim to be busy, when there is no interest or there is a distraction..

Therefore, watch when people tells you they are busy..

How can you explain " Love " without communication? Is like starting a building without foundation.

Lack of communication and attention is because you are not in his mind...

No matter the level of your love , don't make the benefits of marriage available in a relationship.

When you date blindly, you plead for attention..

In any relationship that you don't know what each other want; you may end up waiting in vain.

You are the only one that calls, send SMS, even plead for care, my dear you're dating in vain.

A relationship of months and years, yet no commitment, you still believe it will end in praise.
Wake up ladies and gentle men..

How many times will someone promise to change, yet he/ she keep doing same thing..
Don't you think it will end in vain?

Date wisely to avoid waiting in vain...
Not everyone loves you for you..

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