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On a daily basis, you brag of your love for that special someone even when you know that you are not proud of him/her.

He/she becomes a topic when you are with friends just because you want to get some accolades.

But deep down your heart, you know that it is a mere romance celebrated in secrecy.

You boast of a committed relationship when your WhatsApp, Facebook, and other social handles says you are still "single".

If you love that special someone, then you should always celebrate him/her.

Don't make your spouse wait until he/she begins to loose weight. Let your intentions be known.

Let your love be transparent not just in words or in action but also in public.

If you can't love me now, don't love me later when my later will be much greater.
This should be our orientation...

Be proud of your relationship...

Celebrate your spouse.
Love is not a hidden treasure.

It is a feeling you feel when you feel you are feeling a feeling you never felt before. You only love in secret when you don't feel this way...

Celebrate your partner.
Make your relationship known.
It is Called "security".

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Yep Very Interesting and romantic story.
@This is for You dear @julistar

And u Have to promise that keep posting like this :):)

We @Love YOU so @Much @julistar


Thanks so much @joshsmith, I promise to be posting more about relationships


Yep Your @Welcome Keep Posting @:) @dear