The real essence of trust in a relationship

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The truth is that no one is perfect. Problems are bound to happen in relationships but it doesn't mean that the two of you should go your separate ways by ending the relationship. There are better ways of settling disputes amongst you two.



There's is an adage that a wise woman builds her home but the foolish one destroys her home.

Keeping malice with your spouse would only ruin your relationship. And leave you to nothing.

You as a woman should learn how to wash his clothes, cook him his favorite food and offer him water when he comes back from work. I assure you that if all these things are done or provided in a relationship, then you have nothing to worry about.

And you as a man, love her more, cherish her, assist her with the house chores whenever you're at home. Don't make her look like a slave. You both are meant to compliment each other in every way.

Another thing is trust.

Any relationship that trust is found wanting needs to be checked thoroughly. Those four letter words might sound simple but yet powerful.

Women also have a lot of roles to perform in their homes.

An issue came up sometimes ago at my former residence. It happened between a couple. The woman is fond of monitoring her husband's movements.

She's always suspicious of what her partner does. She also has the habit of seeing to everything he brought into their home.

She is the jealous type. Whenever she notices that her husband gives out things to outsiders, she begins to query and pester him.

It happened that her husband bought me some things from his journey as a neighbour and didn't tell his wife about it.

I also didn't tell his wife about it because of her hot tempered nature but she found out eventually.

So, she asked me if it was her husband that bought what she saw with me, I lied to her at first but the truth was later revealed.

The reason for using this particular story as a case study is because she has never trusted her partner for once, which is very bad. Although, they both have a terrible past with the opposite sex which can be excused as their reason for not trusting each other. But common, you're both living as a couple with kids.

For you to build up a healthy relationship, trust should be the foundation. But if the foundation is destroyed, what can the righteous do?

Let's agree that men also have their flaws. But sometimes, you need to overlook those flaws to have a successful relationship.

Don't be a monster that chases her spouse away from home. Learn how to draw them close to you. By so doing he won't leave you for a second. You also will have rest of mind.

At times, I wonder why some ladies treat their partners badly especially their men. Relationship is meant to be a two sided thing. You love without condition.

Most couples complain about their partners all the time, always laying all sorts of complaint. Saying their partners aren't taking good care of them. They even go to the extreme of calling their partner a cheat. No. It shouldn't be so.

Learn to pamper your partners at all times. The effect of broken homes today is as a result of not trusting your spouse.


To be happy, I think both of them need to know how to love and understand each other better

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