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Many people believe that what ladies actually search for from men is money and good looks. Although these things also play a role in winning a lady's heart, relationships won through these means do not actually last long. The moment the money or the nice looks fade away, the lady always leaves as well. The reason is simple, what attracted her to you is no longer there to attract her anymore.
What attracts ladies forever is one's attitude. Even if your attitude fades away, the lady will still love you with the hope that you will come back to your original self.

There are a few habits and behaviors can increase your chances of attraction than your looks.

Forget the six packs, the well-defined biceps, and triceps. I want to indulge your mind with an alternative reality of what it takes to become that guy that women want to talk with, spend time with, and date.

1. Self Confidence

Women like men who are sure of themselves. A nervous, uncertain guy may leave too much decision-making up to women, and that puts the burden on them to make the right decisions or risk disapproval. Nerves can also be contagious in a social setting; a man with self-confidence can put a woman at ease. There is a fine line between being confident and being arrogant. Whether in business or in a personal relationship, it is important not to put others down to build yourself up. Being mean and acting superior shows insecurity, not true confidence.

2. Empathy

Women like it when they realize you understand what they are going through and you are willing to help them fight it and help them come out of it. They take this gesture more seriously especially if you are the only one who has made an effort to help they come out it. They will regard you as their only comforter and savior as at that moment, and these will take many decades for them to forget this kind gesture of yours.

3. Optimism

Optimism is not quite the same as self-confidence. Self-confidence shows a can-do attitude. Optimism is believing that things beyond a man's control are going to work out just fine anyway. Since women can be natural worriers, the ability to offer reassurance is an attractive quality.

4. Respect

Women feel a little flutter when a man opens a door for them or pulls out a chair for them, but even more importantly, they’re drawn to men who respect their opinions. They are also attracted to men who show respect for others.

5. A listening ear

Women want to talk about their feelings. As a general rule, men do not. But a man who listens to a woman, who honestly pays attention and remembers what she has said, will draw a woman to him. When a woman realizes that the man remembers and keeps almost every concern she raises, it makes her have confidence in him. When I woman has confidence in a man, it is where the love starts to grow stronger. What even makes women happier is when you try reminding them of a complain they laid, which they seem to have forgotten.

These attitudes have been tested and proven to work just fine. See you for my next article about relationship building.

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