How to sustain your relationship

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Few days ago, I had a discussion with a friend about ways to build and sustain a healthy relationship. So today I decide to write few tips on how to sustain a relationship.

The Garden of Love is beautiful, it needs water, sunlight and enough air to allow it grow. In this garden, would different fruits be seen and each fruit is as a result of commitment and work to allow this garden grow.

Frequent times, lovers complains of one thing or the other in their relationship, it is either lack of care, attention or money. What ever is lacking in the relationship can be achieved or made enough if the partner is willing to do better.

Fruitfulness in relationship, is not about the number of years, the relationship has been established. It is about the output of the relationship on each individual.

How has this relationship helped you?

Have you grown more?
Has your partner affected you and your business?

All of these comes as a result of good team work in the relationship.

So let’s talk about commitment.

How committed are you to your partner, to the goals of your partner?
Most at times, individuals in a relationship tend to be selfish about their goals and opinion. You must be committed to help your partner grow.

Ask about his/her goals?

For example, your partner is an artist. Ask about the orders of his new paintings. Ask about his business. Be lucrative enough to give him ideas about ways to improve.

Whenever you are committed to your partner, you would have a great communication skill.
Your partner would trust you
Above all, your partner would be grateful for having you.
I'd like to ready your opinion in the comment section

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