Responsibilities of Family Members

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It is beneficial to humanity to convey what they read about different subjects in summary form. Each of these individuals has relegated jobs and duties. Everyone in a family expects these jobs. When discussing these jobs and obligations, it is very important to note the main issues that accompany:


One of the main responsibilities of a family is to raise a child. It is the most challenging task on the grounds that a child must be raised from his youth until he is mature enough to cope with himself.

The family is likewise expected to teach and send cultural standards and culture to future generations and also to give them a position or status throughout daily life.

The family provides passionate, mental and financial assistance to individuals.

The family must guarantee physical safety arrangements for future generations or other individual members of the family, such as grandparents, in terms of food, clothing, cover and other needs. However, the convention actually relies on the allocation of explicit functions to each relative.

Examples of work and obligations for each relative include:

Providing food, asylum and cash to the family. Make important choices.


Preparing food and controlling the home. Nurturing and raising children, showing young people ethics and qualities


The above work and some other traditional work that is delegated to any of the parents can be performed by any of the parents. Of course, both guardians should praise each other in the demonstration of each of these capacities.

To obey their families. Especially in the kitchen, garden, clothes, car washing, etc. Assisting in the performance of family unit duties. Living according to family desires. Getting a passing grade at school

A status is agreed upon for each of these jobs. The status assigned to a specific function in the family reflects the qualities and beliefs of that family. The higher the status assigned to a job, the more power, advantages and rewards involved in that job.

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