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The impact of a relationship can never be over-emphasized. A relationship has a way of bringing the best out of you and bringing the worst out of you. We need to understand the relationship we have in our life and do things better with those that we have around. The relationship you have around will determine the kind of access to the resources you have around you. We all need to build the relationship we have in our lives because after everything is gone, we are only left with the people we have in our lives and with the people you have in your life, I mean the amazing relationship you have in your life, you can build again whatever it is that you have lost.

Often times we feel bad when people leave our lives. Yes, it is normal for you to feel down or feel something is wrong with you when someone leaves. You should also remember that you are not determined by those who left but by what you can make out of the relationship you still have left in your life. With better understanding as to what you are to do with those around you, the better you can make do with the people around you.


Relationship responds to nurture and is subject to seasons. We need to understand these two vital points if we are to do better with the relationships we have in our lives. There are some relationships that you need to nurture and build up and you need to also understand that there are some relationships that would come into your life for a season or certain seasons.

I can remember having this amazing friend back then and we would talk every day with sizeable part of that day chatting and talking. She had issues with keeping a man because after few months with these men, they always end up leaving. She was always distraught and moody. We would talk about it, I would give her advice and any guy that comes into her life I would tell her which one to go for and which one she is not expected to go for.

…to be continued…

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We build relationships gradually just like someone grows from infancy into adulthood, at times we do our best but we can never determine whether a person will stay in a relationship with us or not, it all depends on the choices and what they have in mind before coming to us. For instance someone that comes because you have more to give will surely leave once you seize to do so. But we should always try our best to impact and improve the life of those we found ourselves in relationship with. All will be well. Thank buddy.

Yes, we can only do our best and we can't determine who stays or goes. Just like a seed planted, you can do everything you want to do to nurture it and you have no control whatsoever whether it will thrive or it won't.

Glad you enjoyed it.

Hmmm, it's not your fault that people choose to go or stay in your life, they do as they please, so don't get worry over who choose to stay or go.
Can't wait for the other parts

Yes, having a better perspective will always help us to deal with hurts and pains. When we see it from the angle that our job with them is done, then it becomes easier. The major thing is to leave them better than we met them.