What to Say When Your Girlfriend Wants a Long Distance Relationship

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Welcome to the confusing world of women. What you say could make all the diff. for your relationship.

So she wants to do a Long-Distance Relationship (LDR for short)?

Very, very good. Come, listen to what Friend Coyote has to say about it. Not only do you get a piece of my mind, but also the priceless knowledge that this simple question of hers is your chance to learn something very important about women and establish where you stand exactly.

As a man, you should always take a stand somewhere, and stick to your guns afterward - even if the spot you're standing on comes under heavy attack from many women. You see, it doesn't matter what you chose to stand for, whether you stand for good or evil in this world is about as important as do you play black or white in a chess match.

What IS important, is that it's your decision. A decision you already made. You cannot flip-flop around and change your decisions, that makes everyone nervous and resentful of you (think of chess again). If you start backpedalling they will say you have no balls.

No need to give them that satisfaction. Stick to your guns, and to your decision, once made. Ride it through to the end, whatever it was, with a big grin. Be proud of it, like it's your baby, even if it came out all weird and deformed, and looks nothing like what you originally intended.

Alright Coyote, but what about our original topic, man? Ahh, yeah!

So when she says "I'm leaving for 5 months to do this course for school, but honey we can still be long distance and stay exclusive because we love each other so much, right?...

Here's what you say in response:


"You're a great girl and I love your ass to bits, but it just wouldn't be fair to either of us baby to make big promises like that which we might not be able to keep down the line... Let's just enjoy our time together, and stay in touch while you're away, and when you're back - if we're both single - we could see what we wanna do... Pick up right where we left off, right? What do you say babe?

And then if you're really suave, smooch her shocked self on the forehead like a loving, wonderful man, who isn't no woman's fool.

If that's how you are, she will love you with all the love her heart has to give. True love is not only always willing to set the Other free, but equally always vigiliant in preventing the Other from putting you in fetters.


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Well, true love is about being true to yourself and only by that one is able to be true to their partner(s). What you say only works if you really mean it. Might be hard getting there, but it's worth it and I agree. Setting each other free is one of the most important things one can do. Although it doesn't have to mean "breaking-up" necessarily.

You might find my post regarding "love" a worthwhile read in addition to that. ;)

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