Comfortable Relationships

in relationship •  3 months ago

It was the clearest, clearest, most logical relationship advice in the world and I didn't neglect to mention it at every opportunity. But I did not make me happy that I see a relationship, the relationship that we can not even accept the relationship, I'm certain of some of the features, and I'm sure I could not make me happy that I could not go to such a pat, not sure.

Because I missed the comfort of being in a relationship. Because I like to have regular sex. Because I liked that someone was in love with me, and it was nice to be around and pamper me.

I must have thought that these were just thoughtless, shallow women. I didn't think we should have met for a long time so I knew it was like this.

Now I'm gone, I'm happy, but I feel like I've never had a wound. It was a necessary race. It is not possible for me to want to have a relationship such as wanting a relationship and not wanting a relationship with a new person is not a process that I can control such a crazy. As long as I didn't want to stay with this guy, it was a process that I learned not to stay with anyone.

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