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@SteemCafe made us aware that Facebook got a massive boost in users when they added relationship status to their UI. Can we do the same on the different UIs that use this blockchain?

Many people heard about this idea and thought it was a good idea. What do you say? can we try something new?


Someone looked at this train and said, "We can do better", we love innovation or imitation of things that work.
Leave a long-form comment below and spin on this idea, upvote it, resteem it so it is seen by developers and important front-end owners like @ned or @goodkarma etc. Think and write a good comment and I will upvote some of the best comments later when I see them.

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This is what it is all about. People conversing, talking, discussing how we can as a community improve Steem. -resteem- Thank you. @booster Have an amazing Sunday & rest of the week everyone. Cheers.


Yes, your idea made us all think!


I subscribe to your opinion 100%



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I would love to add @linakay to a "married to" section :)


that would actually be nifty if you want to share personal data, you should.

Great idea, no surprise the wise guy @steemcafe was the one to bring this up.

I’ve been holding out for a Steem-Wifey 🤣😂

In all seriousness. This is a good call and sounds like it would be fairly simple for a developer to implement.

That @steemcafe. He's a gigolo! no, I'm just kidding. But yes, I think it be cool. I think it couldn't hurt. I understand there are bigger problems, but one of the biggest is getting people on the platform to genuinely create content and build friendships, true intention. Everyone talking about crypto, Blah Blah Blah, Or in it for purely the money, They make the platform boring. Ithink adding features that are like the other platforms will attract more people to steemit. Plus its the kind of feature that attracts the right brained people. We need more right brain. Little column A, Little colum B

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Absolutely Not
If people want to inform others about their relationship status then do it in an introduction post. Peoples relationship status is personal so making people feel obliged to add it to their profile is wrong.
There are also privacy issues at play. Our blockchain is extremely transparent so giving out personal information on Steemit should be only done after some serious consideration of possible future implications.
Finally, its a crap idea because what will happen is, a load of creepy guys will simply harrass single ladies, and many people will setup fake single female accounts (as many do already!) to garner upvotes from creepy guys.
If you want a dating site, someone please start SteemDating, but please dont start with tacky profile info on Steemit.
Steemit needs to continue innovating, not following bloody facebook.


lol, they wouldn't be mandatory. Let the creepy guys and the slutty girls hook up! That's what they do. haha.

Same reason I like hooters, it puts all those people in a close space and keeps them away from me. :)


lmao! this is my favorite comment so far <333 I couldn't agree more. Love the way you think @whatsup.


@nathen007 as everything else it is voluntary and if you do not want to use it, feel free to opt out. People change partners all the time and maybe some people don't want to share their gf/bf to "the whole world". and that is respectable if they do not want. But if you know she is married, maybe you do not want to flirt with her? or if it is complicated and you like her, maybe you could be her Hero?


Steemit doesnt have the safety and privacy policies that Facebook does, things stay on blockchain forever. All its gonna take is a slip of personal info and people can go back forever looking for snippets of info about people and there is nothing you can do about anything you post over 7 days old.
Half the people will lie about their status anyway, its futile and I truly can't see the benefits, only many downsides creating spam and harrassment which no one will be able to do anything about.


Making the relationship status visibility optional would be important.
I do think it may increase the amount of artificial users however, no denying that.

Perhaps make it to where we can have two links in our bio. One for whatever we wish, and one for our introductory post that explains who we are as individuals.

This makes lots of sense, we should have a UI similar to facebook.

Hello @booster
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Interesting idea @booster / @steemcafe. I for one am always appreciative of anything which increases value!

That said, my personal instant reaction is that I would be very unlikely to do that. Why? An essential part of blockchain technology is protection of my privacy, in the increasingly "trustless" world, in which we live ...

Still, others may really go for it (with the right "marketing" ...) Perhaps for them, there could be some sort of separate tie-in to the Steem blockchain, e.g. like DTube or similar? That interested parties could voluntarily enter into, without impacting those that weren't?


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That is cool, you should be able to opt out. But remember, most people do not come from the crypto world, but the fiat world, and they are used to relationship status. Maybe even gender status is important for some to promote... Would I opt out? Sure, I am a bot and have no spouse, but many people would opt in.

Could also make friends of friend initiative, just have to think about that one for a while.


? A "bot" wrote this response!? Hmmm.

If so, pretty impressive @booster!

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This is quite complicated.

In short term, it looks good because they can find their future love on steemit. But for someone that doesn't have interest in love, this will be a big problem(or very annoying) for them, imagine if their followers or their friends or someone else ask them "why are u still single on steemit?". They will feel like they are forced to find a love because their environments tell them to do that. And if they find their love because of that reason, even though they become a couple, there's a good chance they will broke up. What will happen after they broke up? There's a high possibility trending and hot posts will get dominated by angry couple posts. Imagine if many couples make angry posts and boost it to trending and hot posts? Steemit slogan will be "find your love on decentralized platform".

In long term, this will be dangerous. When someone find their lover on steemit, they become a couple and they broke up because their personal problems, then they make their angry posts on steemit. Someday, when they find another lover in real life and marry them, their lover found out about their past relationships on steemit, they can see how lovey dovey their husband(or wife) with someone else in the past, maybe they will divorced and their kids will lose their parents because of this.

So my opinion is : it's better for steemit to not following facebook steps, but try to do something different.


It is not mandatory so it won't be complicated. Those that like relationship status use it and those who do not like it just carry on like before.

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There is urge to stop some stupid bots before adding relationship status lol.....

@booster What an Idea !

Very nice a post shared your new post. This post is very nice. This post is very nice. From this post I tried to learn something new. You can post a lot of good thanks, sir, on behalf of me

Excellent very interesting post I like to converse in this great community and see those ideas to improve it I'm thrilled you have a happy

Steem should follow facebook footprints and they will be huge like there should be notifications, messages and if one upvote someone it should appear on friend’s feed

I say why not!

That would really amazing if steem add that feature, and i thing they shoul develop a chat interface where people can chat smoothly(there are many chatting app available but i don't find them that good), that would attract people more than ever because they will get all what they need in one place.

I think it would be good to have the option of selecting "married to" and the person you are married to.. just like Facebook.

Married to: @emaferice

P.S. Good job @steemcafe!

I also want a change with the same place, but different suana by making a closer relationship and making a family that is good..🙏

I agree completely with @steemcafe. We have to make Steemit easier and more user-friendly and yes imitate what is already working. There is no reason to reinvent the wheel when it comes to the social media part of Steemit. Steem is so revolutionary as it is that when people catch on it will blow, I have no doubt about that, however, it must be given the opportunity to be used by millions of people. To do that we have to make it as functionally smooth as the current platforms. FB, Google, Reddit, Pinterest, and Youtube make the UI brainless, it is all point and click. Some things can be a little more complicated but thankfully they have already taught the average person how to do them. For instance uploading a video on YouTube or searching for a subject on Pinterest. Bottom line is when people try Steemit, or Busy, or Partiko they don't have the incentive to switch over besides the financial compensation. Money is an amazing motivator but we cannot have a barrier for entry and a steep learning curve if we want to get the masses on the platform.
All that said, YES, let's start with relationship status (love/sex motivator) and go from there.
Branson Quote.jpg

Yes, this is true, when we can add some options which describes us in more personal levels then that increase the effectivity and in my opinion whatever additions and developments happen that will effect in overall development in user base for sure.

And it's an Human Psychology, means when we see new changes we tend to explore the new changes and this exploration becomes the trend because change opens the new path of thinking and it also adds value.

Yes, innovation is important and whenever we see one aspect, that aspect is open for the improvements and development because constant phase is not giving any growth, to grow we need some changes no matter in which aspect or, small or big change, everything matters.

And these updates can give the organic value to the Steem Profiles and let's hope that we can see this update soon. And we saw many updates on this platform but in my opinion this would be interesting amongst them.

Wishing you an great day and stay blessed. 🙂

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Do we really need relationship statuses on steemit ?
We should be worried about bigger problems rn.

Like fixing the Trending and getting these spammers out of the way.
Also scamming and phishing is a problem,
People losing their keys and no way to recover


But ofc it's a good idea :D don't get me wrong I like it.


It boosted facebooks userbase incredibly much, so if it worked there it may work here too. People do fall in love on the Internet ;)


Yeah but facebook is more like a social communicating place, if you know what I mean.

Here people do not communicate that much in that way with each other.
The main topic on this site is engineering and crypto and tech stuff.

on facebook people live their private lives, here they more talk about finances, crypto and technology.

But I agree.
It will still bring MANY people here.
Just that there are better ways to get people onto the site


People meet each other on Discord and Steem Chats, and there is a lot of them and people do a lot of flirting in private messages.
would be easier for "Cassanova" to select girls that are available and looking for romance then married 53 old women that are not looking for anything and might not want flirting attention from some 29 year old horndog, ;)

Steemdating sounds like a better idea!

Great idea @booster admire the knowledge of @stemcafe is a wonderful person on this platform, I love this village that has given me so many benefits especially in my studies
have a wonderful and nice day

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I think its a good idea:)

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Good idea!
Thank you very much for your support!

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I like the way steemit works it has its issues but it is a great plateform.
They only way I can see this addon to steemit working (like facebook) would be via apps like esteemapp. Leave the main structure in place and bolt onto it. Maybe there is a way to have discord linked into esteem, this could add a personal section with PM and general forum's.


Yes, this is for the Front-ends, not the blockchain. Just a bit more custom JSon

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