Been Gone a Looooong Time

Long cat is LOOOONG ...


And I have been gone a long time, so here's an update.

I'm currently living in Redlands, California, in a tent on my girlfriend's ranch and trying to establish a homestead. This has been a journey and then some ... I've been tent living now for a little more than a year and very busy with a full time job and working on establishing the ranch and farm for our self sufficient homestead.


The price of a 2X4 is absurd! I don't know if I should invest in Doge or timber ... it looks like both are currently on the climb. My girlfriend and I spent almost $1,000 for just the framing of an 8X16 shed that will eventually be a tiny home, we're still working on raising funds for the plywood and the rest of the parts.

I mean check this shit out ... Lumber Compared to GOLD

Some artists are even making a living on the lumber boom.

Check it out here

I don't get anything for plugging the artist, but you should still check her out.

Anyways, I look forward to getting back into color challenges, posting about the homestead, and the popular topic of imaginary money (Is it profitable to give a Fuck?)

So subscribe, upvote, be a boss, and I'll see you all down the line.

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