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💥Reiki Boost💥

✨Here in this now moment I call forth the highest of healing vibrations & offer my being as an open & willing conduit for the energy to pass through freely & out to all whom are sincerely open to receiving✨

🔥So It Is🔥


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The Reiki Forest

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😀 thank you! I gladly accept the reiki boost and sending you back positive vibes to help your day be amazing :) peace :) 🌅


Most Welcome☺☺☺

and thank you so much BeautyFull! Greatly appreciated💖

I hope your day has been fabulous🙏

#Reiki Hugs!! ✨✨✨

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Thank youuuu 😀 my day was very good thank you - well, exciting! I was stuck in a blizzard at the top of a mountain as the only one there! I had about 3 meters of visibility and could just about see the floor. Luckily I made it down safe :) even though it was dangerous, it was kind of fun :) hehe

It's so peaceful, thank you and blessing to you.


Most Welcome💖
Thank you also Sweetie🙏

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Sorry for the delay, but thank you for showing your support to our #PowerHouseCreatives community in the 20K delegation dpoll contest last month. You were entered in my "Show @steemitbloggers your support in the 20K delegation contest, enter to win 1 Steem!" contest, and you've won a @Tipu tip on your most recent post (so, this one... 😂). Apologies again, and most importantly...

!Tip 0.2



Thank you so much SiStar!!

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🎁 Hi @thereikiforest! You have received 0.2 STEEM tip from @traciyork!

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