I Have No Regrets

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I remember when I bricked my first employer. Before I bricked him on the back of the head, I of course made their lives hell, I destroyed their company, and then one day I hopped on a train, got a bus, picked up the brick, put the brick down, and returned home.

It was one of those zero connection crimes. You see I had already brought them to court for withholding wages and won. So the crime could never be linked to me, as I had received justice.

Of course I hadn't received justice. This wasn't my first or last rodeo in the courts. I always won, but I never really won. You couldn't win, there was no winning in the courts. Victory was always denied. Only I could do wrong, not the employer, institutions, or system. They were above the law. So I saw no justice. I too was above the imaginary law.

My employer had been above the imaginary law too. They had moved up to make a mint off robbing people in the North West. Bringing long term unemployed people into their employment, and then not paying them. Once you are employed, your benefits stop, and if you are long term unemployed you probably have no savings. Many employers were utilising this trick.

I remember talking to the employers, and how it was my first experience of seeing people treat others like they were beneath them or "other". They saw us as "other" and so had no problem robbing us. They came for our lives, pushing us towards the streets, and death. People claim the poor have an "us verus them" mentality, but it is the rich who thought it first.
Because they saw me as "other", they were "other" to me. Just some insects trying to kill me and other humans.

I have no regrets.

Irish Writer, Poet, & Lover

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The fight against the mighty empower, sometimes you have to do it!


The fight against the
Mighty empower, sometimes
You have to do it!

                 - sheikh27

I'm a bot. I detect haiku.

When you fight the law, the law generally wins but damned if I am not going to support you as you prep for your personal bull run!

What a very beautiful and very wonderful words
Good, my dear