My Life's Biggest Regret Contest

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I don't know if I can call it as my life's biggest regret since I can't be in my position now if that never happens.

Never regret something that once made you happy.

I will never forget the time that I fell in love with someone, that I almost gave my 100% and even chose that someone between my own family. Yes! That's the biggest regret that I have done in my life. I became crazy over someone that doesn't even deserve me. Yet, I know that regret became my greatest lesson in life that won't ever forget.


Life is full of up and down. Sometimes, you can make a decision or a mistake that would teach you the play of life. The play that you don't want to play at all. But that's life and it's normal to taste its spice. Though, making it once is enough but doing it repeatedly -- that's not normal anymore.

By the way, I would like to thank @jason04 for initiating and the master mind of the contest. Sharing my thoughts and reminiscing that past, I must say that I already MOVE FORWARD and just laughed to myself every time I'll think about it.
I am happily living with my daughter and my mother now. Despite of choosing that guy over my parents, my parents especially my mother who accepts and always forgives me for what I have done.

I thank @iwrite and @purpledaisy57 for mentoring me and continue supporting my journey.

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You have made a right decision and you didn't abandoned your family over some guy, according to you, didn't deserve your love.

I think so or must say I just did what is right.

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Never regrets for something or someon who gave you happiness even for a short time and for someone who gave you the most precious gift in your life...just take it as a lesson and just think that everythng happens for a reasons...

We can always say that we learn but try not to regret it is not your fault

experiences make us strong. no pain no gain as they say :) But use your learnings from the past to make a brighter future. And that my friend is one of my mantras in life :)

Its ok, those trials taught you to be stronger in life.

yes sis.. i agree ..

At least e maganda pa rin decision mo in the end.

Its ok sis. Atleast you have a daughter na and live the happy life with her. Bilib ako sa mga single parents na hindi pinapabayaan at iniiwan ang mga anak. Goodluck sis.

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nako sis ang hirap din ng nag-iisang nagpapalaki .. iba talaga ung may grandparents na nagspoiled sa apo.

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I think it's for the better sis.We should not embrace the lesson and consider it as a stepping stone to be a better person.

Still trying huhu


thank you

just continue to be a strong woman sure one day you will have the perfect happiness rhat you deserve

thank you sis

we always learn from our mistakes.

yes, we always did...

A good contest which i really wanted to participate but missed by a day atleast...

Hope I could participate next time...

Till then bye..