A DJ IN ACTION! Kiihjano & Fantan Mojah - Lion Paw (Remix)

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From being a Dj to move on becoming a #reggae artist and #dancehall, that is a fit I applaud all day. You can see his collaboration just started. Keep it coming brotha. I like the vibe and you see he is going far. We need a #jahm like this all day long


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Artist : Kiihjano & Fantan Mojah
Prod by : Cortésbeatz
Edits : Brilli Production
Label : E7E Music & Dangerzone MusicGroup
Video : LionSoul Media
Camera : Fabian Cortés, Jonas Johnsson
B - Roll : LionSoul Media

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Yeah man, this is a motivational JAHM! “ Haffi Stan firm like a lion paw”. First time hearing about Kiijahno.

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