#reggaesteem | Notting Hill Carnival London UK | 25-26 August 2019

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Notting Hill Carnival is the largest street party in Europe with a reported two million people taking part each year over the August Bank Holiday.

Source A Love Letter to Carnival - the people, the places, the history. This short video encapsulates the Carnival. Among the local organisers you might recognise one or two international faces :)

Source Claudia Jones, activist and journalist, at the offices of the West Indian Gazette. Claudia Jones' response to race riots which took place in Notting Hill in 1958, was to bring people together in a Caribbean style carnival which first took place in 1959 and which went on to become the Notting Hill Carnival from 1966.

Source One of the things I love about Carnival is the way that bars and food stalls, bbq drums and barrels of ice full of beers, spring up outside people's homes. Everywhere there is food and drink.

King Tubby’s: ‘The first year my speakers got smashed’

Cecil Rennie: “I came to this country aged 12, from Jamaica – the journey made by the first British sound systems. I helped out on Duke Reid’s system in Tooting before starting my own in 1970, building it up speaker by speaker. Every sound system in England was named after one in Jamaica in tribute, so I named mine after King Tubby, my idol.

“ ... I first played carnival in 1973 or 1974. ... A lot of the reason reggae has become popularised internationally is down to carnival and sound systems. Now I’m bringing young guys through like Duke Reid did for me. I’ll only stop doing it when I can’t walk.”

Source These were my contemporaries, down in Tooting in 1970. The markets where I had a Saturday job have turned into chi-chi street food stalls and boutique restaurants now. You can still get fresh fish, though.

This year, there are 36 static sound systems in the area, playing everything from reggae, ska and dub, through Latin and soca, to house, drum'n'bass and grime. There are parades on both days, with fabulous displays of costumes, dancers and drummers, steel bands and lots of wonderful food.

timeoutnottinghillcarnival (2).jpg
Source Carnival is an amazing day out, exciting, exhilarating, fun ... maybe next year, @reggaesteem will have a presence there.

Film Review - 1000 JAHM Giveaway

Last week, I posted a contest with a 1000 JAHM giveaway. I didn't have any entries so I'll run another contest later in the year.

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Fantastic post @shanibeer I never knew that about Claudia Jones. :O

Visiting Notting Hill Carnival is on my bucket list. Although I am in London a lot, I seem to always miss it.
Hoping to visit it in 2020.... Or 2021.

Thanks @epicdave 😎
Claudia Jones was a pretty amazing woman. It would be interesting to do a post about her some time.
Okay, well, 2020 will give you time to train ... you need plenty of stamina 🙂
Let me know when you're in London, perhaps we might coincide.

This is the kind of quality I hope to see when coming by Reggaesteem. When are you going to Jamaica? I see you're staking plenty.

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Thank you :)
A visit to Jamaica would be a welcome bonus, but I'm staking because there is a great business idea behind @reggaesteem (I'm waiting for your battle of the tokens report ;)), and we have a lot of friends in the UK who would be interested.

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Biggest street party in the world!!! Well, except for Rio Carnaval which is a little bigger :)
I may drop by to see the millions of people doing it, if I can gather the strength and bother to go haha.

Haha, you'll certainly need some energy! But it's beautiful weather this year, isn't it? I can remember years when it rained cats and dogs, cats and dogs.

@shanibeer, Who don't want to experience happy, exciting and colourful environment. Sounds like this event is really amazing and wonderful experience. Stay blessed.

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Thanks @chireerocks :) good to see you, how's things?

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Welcome and thank you. Doing good and what about you?

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I'm good, too :)

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Good to hear that. 🙂

Such a great post about this festival a very interesting read

thank you :)

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Most welcome :)

Very informative posts. Great story behind the Carnival. Didn't realize Claudia Jones was the pioneer. Interesting that the sound systems named themselves after Jamaican sounds. Good stuff Shani.

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Yeh, Claudia Jones was pretty amazing :)
I'm not sure what reggaesteem's business plan is, but it would be cool to have a little kiosk at Carnival next year. I'm guessing you're interested in business from around the world, or is working across three continents stretching it too far too early? ;)~

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Most definitely interested in business around the world:) That is a brilliant idea. Maybe you could be the one to run that kiosk,m 😄 hmmm I actually have a few contacts that could help get that done. Always some valuable input from yah😁

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I did Trini Carneval 2000-2002 :)
Greetings from Berlin.
The british weather is not my cup of tea ;)
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Greetings @luca1777 in Berlin - one of my favourite cities :)
Fabulous video, everyone having fun, thank you for sharing!
British weather has its own charm ;)~
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Hi there @shanibeer
Thank you for your lovely answer :)
Respect to Notting Hill. A classic! Enjoy!

Always heard about this carnival from my good friend in the UK.

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Hello @dinearo good to see you, how's your Sunday?
Yes, it is a great event, well worth talking about :)

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Looks like everyone had a great time. I have never been to carnival? It's one of those things that is always on the list but I always seem to miss?

I have some of the JAHM tokens ans was wondering what to do with them? Now I know. Thanks

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