Merchantiles are ready

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The printing company finally come through regarding the tshirts. This printer is very busy with work on top of that the company has issues with absent staffs. However @donald.porter and I @miyard know his printing company is a very good one. He is alway upgrading and bring in new and state of art machines. He told me more coming soon.. I hope we will be able to work with them going forward..





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best design on T shirt

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@miyard, Hope that these T-shirts will be one of the best designed and will reflect the true essence of ReggaeSteem.

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That is goal as u know it is a constant work in progress.

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Good wishes from my side brother and stay blessed.

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I am really want to have one of them..this is a part of the Reggaesteem's creativity.

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Nice, I'll need a custom made one. Crypticat was here, #JAHM 2020

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Hehe ☺

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