SPUD and JPUD - I get to go first.

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One of the benefits of living in Australia is that we are near the start of the new day, as we are only a couple of hours from the International Date line. So, here it is now officially SPUD and JPUD time.

Source - Reggaesteem discord channel

Firstly, what is the time (for the record):



The Reggaesteem tribe is fantastic, the people are friendly and welcoming, the feed is very clean and on topic, well moderated by the firm but fair @crypticat among others. The token is a great investment, with a strong reason beyond just post payouts to accumulate. I will have 100,000 JAHM, hopefully by the end of the year. Can't wait. Check out @crypticat's post about JPUD for more info.

But enough about Why, show me the SPUD/JPUD.


Wallet before:

wallet before.JPG

Wallet after:

wallet after.JPG

5,249 JAHM powered up!

What about the SPUD part?

steem wallet before.JPG

And after:
steem wallet after.JPG

100 STEEM powered up for my jahm account.

Only a few weeks in my journey in the Reggaesteem tribe. Can't wait to see lots of JPUD and SPUD posts to drop some votes on.

Here is one more reason to JPUD:

Enough said

Pump up the JAHM

Have a great SPUD/JPUD everyone,

John @jk6276

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Your speaking from
the heart.
Sincerely personified.
Here it’s thirteen hours
until November 1st.
Also my goal is also
100k.... minimum.
Tic Tock. Time is
on our side. Following
your positive lead.
Jahm to the moon.
Respect jk

Thanks mate, keep producing the awesome content you do and you'll definitely get there.

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Made mistake upvoted by
own comment.
I bad.......thought was upvoting
you. Made it right.

It's all g, we all make these kind of mistakes occasionally.

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Mister Generosity

Hi mate! Congrats on your power ups! Really cool you are going for the 100k and hope you will achieve your goal. Thanks for your efforts

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Thanks mate, appreciate your support and what you bring to the tribe. I've already learned heaps from some of your SEO optimization tips.

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Nice start Jk6276! You get your 100% upvote and an honorable mention in my next post! I won't spoil any more surprises 🐱

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Thank you cat. Thanks for everything you do for Reggaesteem.

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Congrat @jk6276, I know you will reach your dream at the end of 2019. We JAHMIN!

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We sure are JAHMIN. keep up the great content you are producing.

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Cheers @jk6276.jahm ...
Congrats for participating SPUD.
I will post your link in my SPUD update post.
Stay Great!

Thanks for finding my SPUD post, here is a small JAHM vote for your troubles. :)

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Fabulous! Well on your way. Great to see investors and curators as well as content creators.

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Thanks @shanibeer, the fact you were already invested here and involved gave me great confidence when I decided to dive in head first a few weeks ago.

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Good moves JK, good moves. I see you powering up to the moon. SPUD and JPUD almost initiated here where I am from in the states. Just 32 minutes to go, but will probably post late afternoon post work.

have some jahm to stake, but not nearly 5k. Oh well, some is better than none, right?

Cheers, mate

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@jk6276.jahm, Your account definitely reflecting Productive Growth. Good wishes from my side and stay blessed brother.

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That is true about being an early SPUDer, but there are some Kiwis and Samoans that post on here.... not sure if they beat you to to it this time though. I believe @vcclothing is from that part of the World and just did his a little while ago. He might be one of the first SPUDers for #spud7
Looks like if you keep this up you will be able to participate in the prizes for next SPUD 8. Welcome to Steem and great efforts for just starting out. Take care!!
Just noticed this is an alt acct.

Yeah, its an alt. Main account is @jk6276. Focused on my JAHM account for my first SPUD for a while. Wasn't really doing it for prizes, just to show support.

I appreciate what you are doing driving SPUD along @streetstyle.

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Congratulations on your growth. How do you manage so many different accounts?

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