Rugby League in Jamaica.

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I have stumbled upon news that Jamaica have qualified for the next Rugby League World Cup, to be held in England in 2021. So, this was a surprise to me, so I had to make a post and look into the details. I had no idea that League was even heard of in Jamaica, but the national team defeated the USA in November last year to gain qualification.

I found this video of the match they won to qualify. The quality isn't great, but the jubilant scenes at the end of the match, once the qualification was secured are great to watch. The Reggae Warriors were certainly overjoyed to be off to the world cup.

Source: USA Rugby League YouTube Channel

So, from watching that, the team has a fair way to go to compete against the top teams from Australia, New Zealand and England. But, you have to start somewhere and they do have a cross-code, rugby league and union international working to build League up as a sport in Jamaica. James Robinson made his name in Union for England, but started off in League and is now on-board with Developing League in Jamaica.

This article from The Telegraph shows that getting involved in League in Jamaica was partly about learning more about his heritage, having a Jamaican father. It's great to see past players trying to spread the game around the world, and get in touch with their roots at the same time. Robinson is one of the greats of the Sport, and his experience will take Jamaica a long way.

I really hope the sport takes of in Jamaica, I'll definitely be cheering for the "Reggae Warriors" in 2021 when the World Cup rolls around.

Thanks for reading and have an awesome day.


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Rugby > soccer. Go Jamaica, represent the Americas!

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Rugby is ok, League is better but much less international. Going to follow their progress and try to get them on here... that'd be cool.

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Back at ya.....jk
Very positive drive. Nice post.
Keep it up ...destination = whitelist

Thanks mate, League and Cricket are my fav sports, but I never knew League was a thing in Jamaica. I tweeted them to suggest they join here and share their journey to the WC - would be some interesting content.

Reggaesteem, official social media channel of the Jamaican Rugby League team sounds good doesn't it?

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Like where your going with that.
The Official. Yes

Hey check out response I gave
@conradsuperb of proposal of having
Robert Woolery (wood carver)
joining Reggaesteem and trading his product for jahm out of his store.

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Deleted, sorry hit the wrong button.

@jk6276.jahm, Hope that they will going to win. Good to know about their Progress. Stay blessed.

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