My JPUD post. Boosting JAHMPOW.

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Many of you will have noticed I haven't been around as much lately. Rest assured I am still 100% committed to the ReggaeSteem Tribe, and the goal of 100,000 JAHM is still in my targets. I plan to use this post to re-boot my ReggaeSteem involvement, and get back to engaging with the community here and learning more about Jamaica and Reggae.

I will look to build up a sizeable JPUD tally over the coming days, and produce a final post on the weekend, before @crypticat's JPUD post pays out Each day between now and then, I will come back to this post and update it with the days JAHM power up.

Image Source: Pixabay

Travelling to Jamaica is a tall ask for me any time soon, but one day I can just imagine relaxing at the beach, drink in one hand, my wife's hand in the other one, watching a beautiful sunset like the one above. Hmmmm, one day.

Anyway, back in reality, here is my first JAHM Powerup for the week:

Jpud 2.1.JPG

1000 Jahm powered up, day 1. Current total JAHM staked: 49,405 - Closing in on 50k, halfway there.


Day 2 - another 1000 powered up, over 50K now, half way to the magic number.

jpud 2.2.JPG

Day 3 - another 1000 (1002 to be exact) 3,000 now so far.

jpud 2.3.JPG

Looking forward to seeing everyone's JPUD's. I'll update this post each day, and make a new final post before @crypticat's awesome initiative closes.



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Awesome jk, that’s the way to take advantage of the 1 week window. You’re presence is felt here through your active curation, looking forward to seeing more of your reggae/Jamaican/Caribbean posts. Wow, 50k incoming!! That’s the way 💪🏻💪🏻

Maybe one day we’ll see ya on the 7-mile 🇯🇲🙏🏼

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Thanks mate, appreciate your encouragement. Maybe one day, probably a few years away, but you never know what twists life may have in store.

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Have the Crypticat upvote now, the Jahm.whitelist can be reset to 100% later and same with the Resteem as my followers are probably all know it was JPUD :D We will see if you wake up any of the other team members with your power-ups!

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Thanks mate, I'll see what I can come up with over the next few days and let you know.

Is that you I feel breathing
down my back.
Stop hanging on me like a bad suit.
That goes for you also

The race is still on. I'll be back in full force chasing the dynamic duo all the way.


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Good photography, I hope you can go friend and enjoy that beautiful sunset in Jamaica with your family for a whole year to consolidate the projects and dreams God bless you ...

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@jk6276.jahm, Sometimes we have to take break so that we can come back more positively and with new excitement. Hope that one day you will enjoy your time in Jamaica 🇯🇲. Stay blessed.

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