JPUD 3 - Hello 2020

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Hey Reggaesteem community,

Just a quick post to let you all know that I am still around, even though I have not been very active lately. Anyway, 100% committed to continuing to build my Jahm Power up, and keep investing in this tribe.


It is a brand new decade, and one in which I think crypto will become mainstream, and tokens with a use case will thrive. JAHM is up on the top of that list for me - the current progress - which has been most pleasing - is really just scratching the surface of what this could become.

Here is my JPUD for today - 7,000 JAHM powered up, and a step closer to the magical 100,000.

Jpud 3 before.JPG

Jpud 3 after.JPG

Now sitting very happily on 67K, and really excited to see what happens when Proof Of Stake kicks in. Thank you to everyone contributing to make this tribe successful, and I will try to be more active in the weeks ahead.

Just gonna drop this chart right here:

Enough Said.

Happy New Year Reggaesteem fam.


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very nice, john. I see you slowly but surely creeping toward that coveted JSNS. keep up the good work, mate. Your presence is felt AND appreciated here, like everywhere else.

happy new year, fam

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JSNS here I come. 33K to go. I'm looking at JPUD on 1 Feb for that, if I can get there.

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67 epic jk
Stacking is the only
word I’m interested in.
You deserve my
One Zero Zero.

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Thanks, 33K to go for the first goal.

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Nice JPUD Brah and sweet drawing. Happy 2020, the future is here

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I like that picture - very pretty line heading up when many I have seen are heading down.

The future is bright here.

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@jk6276.jahm, Congratulations and your growth is rapid one and for that you've put efforts for sure.

My good wishes are with you and hope that Year 2020 will going to bring super successful results for you. Stay blessed.

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Great jpud, lovely to see :)
Hope all is well with you - the news doesn't look good.

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