Merch coming soon to

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If you haven’t checked out the @reggaesteem website at; now’s the perfect time to bookmark 🔖

There you can find:

... and soon ReggaeSteem Merch!

Visit today for more info!



#OneLove #OneSteem

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I'm liking all these preparations ... office ... art ... record player ... merch :) Feels like something's coming ...

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thanks!... a lot a work is coming for sure lol :) and *possibly a road-team campaign to on-board more locals across the island

lmao the record player was totally random, I'll try to find a record to test it this evening

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I upvoted and resteemed to my 9200 followers and am buying 10 JAHM and put in order for 100 more at highest buy price

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Oh and i made a post all about reggaesteem and how serious it can be for steem, if we get users like @thejohalfiles to tell @christheglove to help steem by asking snoopdogg to check out and invest in reggaesteem because its the best way to help jamaicans and reggae fans, instead of regular charities which never get money going to where its needed, we can PROVE where every cent goes with reggaesteem. Snoop dogg can buy some tokens stake them and just delegate and give them out to people via curation and upvotes

oh and wow i love the 'Posted via" how did you get that signatrue on every post?

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@ackza THanks for the support bro, we #JAHM'in !


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I've seen your comment on couple of blogs over time and I really like your contribution. You reminds me of Tyrion Lannister. 😁.

You once talked about a site in China or so where someone can but goods cheap. And sell at better price elsewhere. Can you say it again. Please.

@botefarm Can’t remember that one, would be kl if you can provide a link.

Incase you’re wondering, Official ReggaeSteem merch is made and printed in Jamaica:




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Thanks bro, CHEERS!


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how many Jamm tokens will the t-shirt be???

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We’re working out the pricing now but should be around ~10,000 JAHM 😃

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@donald.porter, Brother now this sounds and reflects the true image of particular Interface. Let's hope that now all these efforts will going to bring lot of value to the ReggaeSteem platform. Stay blessed.

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