Reggae: Transcending Cultural Boundaries Throughout The World of Music

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Reggae music has significantly revolutionized Jamaica as a country and Jamaican musical roots as a whole. When Reggae first emerged, in the late 1960s, it acted as a cultural bombshell not only to Jamaica but the entire world in a uniquely positive manner, spreading across international state lines, and birthing many new waves of musical realities. It was a unique vibration that no other musical genre had ever seen before.

Reggae's slow and jerky rhythm, assertive, yet spiritual lyrics, as well as the defiance and raw appearance of its rasta-got-soul singers, among others, have influenced musical genres, cultures and societies throughout the entire world. This unique contribution lead to the development of new counter-culture movements, especially in places like Europe, the United States and Africa - a place that has a unique cultural history with the country of Jamaica.

All photos in this post are personal photos from my times to JA

IMG_0419 3.JPG
Reggae Music, The Bourbon Beach Cafe

IMG_0434 2.JPG
Cultural Reggae Music Events, Live - The-Seven Mile, Negril, JA

By the end of the 60s, reggae's participation in the birth of movements in Europe allowed for new vitality to come into existence elsewhere. In the 1970s, Reggae's presence specifically began to impact Western roots in punk rock and pop culture, influencing masterful artists in popular genres of the Western world. During the same decade, Reggae also inspired the first rappers in the US, giving rise to hip-hop culture, which has since become one of the most influential genres across the globe. The rise all starting from the origination and deep soulful roots of Reggae culture and music.

Finally, since the end of the 1970s, Reggae has since influenced singers originating from Africa - a place of close cultural and spiritual ties since the days of Marcus Garvey. These examples of cultural transcendence from Europe, the US and Africa illustrate the impact reggae music has had on the worldwide cultural universe; however, reggae roots are not limited to only impacting these specific facets of reggae's broad spectrum approach to re-vitalizing roots of other genres and cultures popular across the globe. It would be an injustice to define these roots to only Europe, USA and Africa, but these are prime examples when visiting the renaissance of Reggae music.

Jamaica 2014 112.jpg
Much of the Reggae Culture Movement Made Possible by Bob Marley

Jamaica 2014 054.jpg
Jamaican Arts also important to consider in Jamaican Music Culture

When taking a step back, it becomes apparent the impact that reggae and the Rastafari movement have had on the worldwide cultural universe. It would not be an overstatement to say almost the entire world has been culturally influenced by reggae music and its Rastafarian message in some way, shape or form. Jamaican migrations as well as Bob Marley’s monstrous success played a major role in spreading these fundamental elements of Jamaican culture throughout the world, but these reasons alone were not the only features shaping the way reggae spurred movements across the globe and infusing elements of reggae into other popular musical genres.

Tourists appear to be captivated by reggae music because of its assertively spiritual memorandum as well as its positive and universal message surrounding unity and one love vibrations. Rasta symbols such as natty dreadlocks, Jamaican colors, ganja and Jamaican art also play an important role in charming its foreign audience, but music brings people together unlike any other attribute we know and love.

Jamaica 2014 044.jpg
Seen Rasta- natty dreadlocks, JA colors, promoting reggae- irie

Jamaica 2014 178.jpg
A Past time in Jamaica Culture aside from music - woodcarving

In other respects, a final remark could be made stating great importance of reggae and Rastafari in the worldwide cultural universe, raising the question of the place reggae and Rastafari have in Caribbean studies in other regions around the world. Similar to rock, punk or hippie movements alike, reggae and Rastafari movements have influenced societies from various perspectives and points of view. For that reason, the transcending factors of Rastafari culture cannot be ignored, especially in terms of Caribbean Studies, but their focus tend toward topics like tourism, migration patterns and even environmental geography, which all play a role in telling the story of how and why reggae has impacted the world on such an immense level.


Not only has reggae impacted the world, it has impacted individual lives. The music, culture, and traditions of Jamaica are unique and enable humans to experience new senses of creativity while peering directly into the nature of another culture firsthand. I can see myself here one day. I won't just be experiencing it; I will be living it. SOON COME.


Source: The Importance of Reggae Music in the Worldwide Cultural Universe, From The Open Edition Journal of Caribbean Studies

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Yup and the tourism and reggae music go hand in hand. I really found it frightening to know that 70% of Jamaican GDP is from tourism, that is dangerous. I think Jamaica needs to focus more onexport along with the reggae and tourism..but it is said that exports are at an all time high so it is looking good.

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That is rather a frightening statistic when you take a step back and look. I think this would be an interesting topic of discussion. Believe maybe doitvoluntarily brought this up one time or another on the feed... could always be a presentation topic at JAHMfest maybe, too

Respect Dmilliz

Posted via ReggaeSteem | Reggae Culture Rewarded

If what I like most about the sweet and strong melodies of reggae is spiritual assertiveness, and the vibrations of love and peace. as described by friend one love greetings ..

nice picture

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one love in the air

Respect mariluna

Posted via ReggaeSteem | Reggae Culture Rewarded

Beautiful Post. I agree with you that it’s more than just a genre of music. Reggae represents a way of life that has positively influenced the world

Couldn't have summed it up better myself, truly. It's been a way for the world to understand a way of life that is there if you listen


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