Six Steps to Bundle Refrigerator

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Separate arrangements for lemon and chillies can be arranged. Once a week, clean the fridge with vinegar and lemon mixed with water.

Here are some ways to prepare refrigerators or refrigerators from the reports published on the living-themed website.

  • At the beginning, remember that the fridge will always be kept clean. Clean it once a week with lemon and vinegar. There will be no smell in the fridge.

  • Keep food behind the need to be very cold.

  • There should be a good idea about its functionality to use the refrigerators properly. Each of them has an arrangement for temperature control. So keep the food that needs to be cooled down in the back of the fridge. Keep that which is cool even though it is cool.

Ventilators or bags: Many people preserve dried fruits, dried crops. Keep these in a plastic bag for a long time. As a result, live the place.

If you want to make all the ingredients, you can make a chutney or put it in a plastic or polythene bag. It will save time, labor and space.

Instead of Matt, 'Shelf Liner': Many people use Matte for fear of fritters in the fridge. But it creates more dirt in the front and back of the shelves. So use 'shelf liner' without using mats. It can be cut to size. And the use of refrigerators is not dirty in the corner.

Separate tray: Most people keep chili and lemon plaster in a vegetable tray. Instead, buy a small basket like a separate tray for pepper and lemon, and keep it inside the refrigerator. It can be easily removed if necessary.

Putting tray: Keep the jar or glass in the refrigerator, instead of spoiling the place, instead of decorating it in a separate box. It will be easily found in it and there will be no possibility of breaking down due to unwantedness.

Cling sheets to cover the plate: In most cases, large caps are used to cover the food bowl. As a result the place takes longer. So use 'cling sheets' to cover the food. It helps keep cover from semi-cut fruit to meat.



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