The Secrets to Increase Your Charism

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Charisma, that's a word with charm. It has magic, it is attractive, exquisite. Thanks to it, cities have been forged, societies have been built, the world manages to be better in its presence.

If you have found that ideas do not arrive, they can not impact, people do not listen and it is difficult for you to attract the attention of others, continue reading, this post is for you.



Sure you know someone who naturally enjoys having charisma. She manages to be the center of attention, for it is easy to persuade, and her charm captivates those who treat her.

Charisma seems like fairy things. We are a gregarious species, we like and need society, and having charisma lubricates relationships; creates magnetism

The good news is that it can be developed; although there are people who have it in a natural way, there are factors that we can improve in us, and with practice the ability can be developed.

Do not think that having charisma only serves to please people. Whoever lacks it, will lose attraction, it will be difficult for him to communicate what he thinks, his messages will not impact, and he will be easily dismissed, even if he possesses a higher level of wisdom.

Without charisma, others do not know what you know.

Good news, it is possible to develop the ability to increase the level of charisma. Let's see what we can do.

Do you remember how good it feels when you talk to someone who gives you real attention?

When a listener is delivered with empathy, willing to understand, the bonds of the charism begin to form.

It is all a compliment, the one offered by the one who knows how to listen, both with the mind and with the heart.

So, steemian, if you want to increase your charisma, listen with the intention of understanding your interlocutor; Listen beyond your words, feel that you are putting all your senses to order as you narrate what you have to say.

A point that you should keep in mind, in addition to having an active listening, is to discover the things that have the common. We all feel comfortable among people who think like us, who share the same tastes.



It is an observation work. In the beginning, you must do it consciously, but with practice, it will become a habit and you can be as effective as those who do it naturally.

Finding what they have in common is creating links. Nobody likes the one who takes the opposite, not at all.

You have never met someone who says, "Pedro, I really like him, he's so nice to me. He refutes everything I tell him, we are so different. "

I hope you will realize that having charisma is a matter of cultivating it. You can pay attention when someone wants to talk to you, and also, put the effort to find out what you have in common.

This is how connections begin, and charisma begins to emerge.

Before you start talking about serious matters, you should soften the environment. That is achieved with a trivial conversation.

Habar climate, family, those issues that have nothing to do with what they will talk seriously. Limar the environment is basic so that there is a comfort, that comfort that characterizes a conversation when someone with charisma is present.

Do you know how a person with charisma transmits confidence? This point is important, if confidence is not projected, there will be no charisma.

Words have a questionable credibility. It's easy to lie with them, we know that.

But lying with the body is something else. That is why, instinctively, the gestures and postures, that is, the physiology, dominate when judging the sincerity and trust that we can place in someone.



Think positive images, smile, express enthusiasm, remove any negative emotion, make sure you have an upright and at the same time relaxed posture, walk with firm step, fast but without haste; shake hands with enthusiasm, look into the eyes, and I remember you again, smile.

We are building a personality with charisma. So far, everything we have said, can be done, is within our reach.

That is why it is necessary to talk about trivial things before starting a serious conversation.

I could not miss this vital ingredient. That of genuinely interested in others. The saying is known that people will pay attention to you if you focus on them first.

Keep in mind to form a win / win relationship. Give first, to expect to receive later.

There is a phenomenon in the behavior of the human being.

When he receives, he feels an urgent need to return the favor, he wants to recover his balance.

You see that when you give a gift, and the person has nothing to offer you in return. That gives you power, places you at a point where the person who received your gift, will seek a way to compensate what you did for her. So then, you have opened your mind, and your heart.

These suggestions work, the idea is to be attentive to meet them, the difficult thing is that when we are before other people, during the interaction, the old customs have to dominate, creating emotions that make it difficult to fulfill what is in this post.

Everything with the practice, paying the attention and effort that is required, will be molding your personality. Over time, you will succeed in increasing your charisma.

Thomas Flores.

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