My Birth Anniversary

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I believe it's a perfect time to look back on how my birthday was celebrated. This post isn't like a normal post to me because it's a perfect reflection of how I felt on July 14th 2018 on the anniversary of my birth to this world.
I never thought of being showered with lots of compliments, praises, messages and even articles that rendered me dumfounded. They are so very unusual and gave me a charge to do even more than friends, colleagues, distant friends and families believe I have done over the years. Permit me to share two of which touched me..

On this special birthday of yours, Your Eagle is going to take to flight. The Anniversary of your birth is the perfect time to tell you how amazing you are. Believe it or not. It's not the number of years we spend on earth that matters but the loves we have touched in our service to humanity. You have been an amazing and dynamic person. The very Little I Know about you will suffice. Happy ➕ 1 Darling,.. May your Sun never set untimely. May your foot always be steady. May your heart never know fear. Your Exploits Are just beginning. You're the amazing SAMMY I've always Known. Never have I seen a person who is determined to make a difference by All means, But You. Warmest Birthday wishes to you. Keep Blazing 🔥 Trails. Have Fun!!

14/7 celebrity

Adedeji Sam Samdrey

I gaze through how we started this historic journey in some years back in this great citadel of learning, I see nothing other than Grace.
One thing I use to believe in life is that honouring a man when he's still alive is not praising or idolizing it's a means of gratifying their commitment, sacrifice they've discharged towards u & me.

If u have once sacrificed ur academics, source of income, religious moral & personal life to humanity u'll understand this better even beyond description.

Believe in me, Life has got so many challenges but trust me the race in not to the swift nor the battle to the energetic. He who end up with good trail will be worth giving an accolades.. I hereby charge ur zeal to selfless sacrificing service as u use to dispense overtime.
Leading leader
Intelligence personified
Erudite scholar
Embodiment of knowledge
He's not just a politician but also a prolific kingdom advance child of God
A business mogul
A talent to this better by far institution
A mentor and tenacious leader.
Robustly dependable
I see u not as a one time senator rather u keep ursef available even when u'r not needed.
A Workaholic
Ur meekness is rated Excellent.
Relentless academic echelon.
A certified man with so much perseverance in both rosing and depriving part of every situation..

I believe u'r a symbol of greatness because when I gaze at how far u've been in life I concluded within me ur value in life is increasingly tremendous than u think.
Don't be afraid to give up the good to achieving the greatest coz u'r yet to get 2 the peak of ur greatness personality in life, this is just the stepping stone to getting to ur utmost place u'v always desire.
What amazed me most about this personality is the curiosity to be a solution provider to people's state of chaos.
I applaud and salute u with a standing ovation 4 ur good deeds on behalf of every member of this class, Dept, faculty CEO Samdrey photography.

My prayer is for u to live Long and prosper in the lord riches and blessings🙏🏽.

HBD leader🎂🎂🎂🎂


To this end, I go by one of my favorite quotes by Vince Lombardi which states "I do the best I can, the very best I know-how; and I promise to keep doing it to the very end."

I am Sam

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