My life at a fraction of the cost. Episode 1: Oahu, Hawaii. 12/29/2017.

in #reflections6 years ago (edited)

Over the past few months, I’ve been doing a lot of listening and reading to alternative news outlets, etc. to gain perspective. I’m an avid reader of the WSJ normally. ZeroHedge, x22 Report, Peter Schiff, that somewhat crazy guy on RT, what’s his name, bing proponent on Bitcoin....drawing a blank. Ahh, the Keiser Report guy.

I’m the kinda guy who when receives solicitation for surveys thinks he should be paid for his thoughts. Yea that might be egotistical or whatever you call it but, I’ve lived long enough to know that by the very nature of the economic system we currently live in that, we all try to extract the most for the very least. It’s just built that way. And information is like gold these days.

Then I stumbled upon SteemIt. It was like my prayers have been answered.

I’m a contrarian by nature. I’m the son of a father who’s an immigrant from the former Yugoslavia, you know the region in the world where vampires are from, and a mother who’s parents immigrated a generation before from the same country, but closer to the Italian side. You could imagine the arguments I had to overhear during my childhood.

For those of you who don’t know off hand, Yugoslavia was a slice of the old Russian communist pie. And from what I’ve experienced, my father was part of a libertarian freedom fighter group in the region of what is now called the country of Croatia.

So it’s no surprise that I have the basic fundamental base that I have.

I’m glad I have found the SteemIt community. It seems they share a lot of the same attributes that I find in myself.

I plan on posting here for a while to explore the community more and learn about others views.

I’m a big fan of cryptos and what it stands for. For what should be obvious reasons.

I look forward to hearing from you and growing with this community.

Peace out.


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